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anonymous asked:

I found this through Comingsoonnet. "Bob Orci Removed from Star Trek 3!" Comingsoon is usually pretty reliable. They state that Deadline has Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead & World's End) on the short list to replace him. I'm a bit worried. Orci had the support of a lot of the cast behind him and the extras on both of the reboot Star Trek movies had him as the Trekker of the group. I REALLY want the next movie to be as good as the last two. Have you seen any of Wright`s work?

Yeah, I was all blues yesterday after seeing the news that he might not be directing the next movie. :(
I’m worried too, for the same reasons you mentioned.

However, even if Orci does not direct, he will stay on as producer (JJ is also), so hopefully his input will be followed still. :D

We don’t know yet who will direct, but Edgar Wright is a close friend of Simon Pegg, (Pegg is a big trekkie himself), and close to the production also.
In fact, Wright guest-directed a scene in STID. So picking him would make sense. My only worry is that usually he makes smaller movies, but hopefully with the rest of the people involved in the project, transitioning to a big one would work fine too. It’s not unheard of.

So don’t lose hope yet, Nonny! :D Hopefully all will go well! ♥♥♥