gif: special day

So im a dummy...

…and totally missed my 1 year anniversary of this blog which was yesterday. 

So send me some asks? Let’s talk…what we should do to celebrate?

Tell me things? Like what is your favorite character, gif, and threads I’ve been a part of. 

Tell me things I should consider doing…things you liked that I’ve done…things I could improve on?

Honestly though thanks for making this past year so amazing. I love all the friends I’ve made. You guys make me feel so welcomed here always. <333


“The Moment” Leeteuk’s special Day, teaser. He will hold the show on the 21st and 22nd April 2017.

“The Moment” avec le Jour Spécial de Leeteuk, teaser. Il tiendra le spectacle le 21 et 22 Avril 2017.

I can’t believe that I almost forgot about this. 😳😳
Today is a very special day cause it’s the birthday of my favorite fairy, Flora! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!!!
I wanna thank this amazing person for being so calm, kind and sweet! There are few truly good people in this world and she’s definetely one of them. So, congratulations on staying good and pure while everything’s falling apart.
Also, thanks for inspiring me and teaching me so much. I’ve never loved a fictional character as much as I adore you, probably because I can relate to you most. You’re exactly who I want to be, you grew so much during the series and I hope to be able to grow too in my life.
Flora is an amazing character created by Ignio Straffi and I’ll surely never forget her.
Let’s show our love for our favorite nature fairy, everybody!

For Daddy 💕🙈😚


So sharing a special day today having the best daddy I could ever want!! I wanted to make daddy something so special because he deserves everything good for what he’s been through so much and I wanna make his day go by a lot better then ever. Sometimes we wish the distance wasn’t so far but we chose to make it work. Daddy is my best friend and I’d never trade him for anything. He makes me smile everytime we talk and laugh. He’s the only one to make the bad thoughts go away. He’s my hero and I’m his I’m forever his kitten, and knowing he sees this..I want daddy to blush more then he can handle 🙂..

Daddy I love you with all my heart and I’m so glad to have you as my daddy. You’re my thought every morning and my thought every night no matter who I talk to you’re the last person I have to cross my mind. I wouldn’t want anyone to take you’re place ever. 🎀Daddy’s my Knight and I’m his Princess🎀

I love you daddy forever and always💕