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“Everything will be good as long as you do your best. Because if you do, there will be no regrets.”

Thank you Tiffany for giving me the strength and courage to keep each day going. You go through so much ups and down but do your best to keep smiling at the end of the day. I’m wishing you nothing but happiness and love. ♥

Little pieces of hope right now
  • Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun have not confirmed that they are leaving SNSD. (SM just said that they are no longer with the company)
  • According to articles and multiple k-sones, SM is willing to negotiate with other companies that the 3 are going to sign with so they can continue as OT8.
  • The three girls have also did not write a letter saying goodbye as a SNSD member
  • SM also did not say that SNSD going to promote as five only
  • Seohyun added “Girls’ Generation” back into her description on instagram
  • Yuri said that they never once thought of this year as the end and said that SNSD is forever
  • Yoona said that SNSD is forever in her recent interview as well

Let’s have some hope right now c: You’ll be okay SONES! Let’s trust the girls and hope for the best to come out of this situation~