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“The casting director recommended him, initially, and said that he’s not just about the Marvel movies. Of course, Captain America is a cool character and he’s great in that, but they introduced me to a movie called Puncture, that’s an indie film where he shows his sensitive acting abilities, and I’d previously seen Danny Boyle’s Sunshine. So, he was in between his Marvel projects and was very actively looking for different types of projects. He heard about this project, and it was a nice mutual attraction. It was my first English language film, and I got a lot of help from Chris. He’s a really smart guy, and we had a lot of discussions about the dialogue. It was great. The hardest thing about working with Chris was hiding his muscles. He’s supposed to be in the poor tail section for 17 years, eating only protein blocks, and it was tricky to hide all of that muscle mass with costume and make-up.” —Bong Joon-Ho about Chris Evans. (Snowpiercer)


top 10 chris evans movies as voted by my followers

#2 - Snowpiercer (2013)