gif: sm the ballad


I feel like we have to bring this back ;-; THEY ALL LOOK SO FLUFFY I CAN’T HANDLE IT AAAAAAA

new pentagon fans, please take a moment to appreciate how adorable baby jinho is ;-; getting love from kyuhyun (who isn’t very loving usually lol) and jonghyun aaa ;-;

(also, jay is so fluffy and beautiful and i’m in too much pain to even talk about him bye)


I’ve been watching old SM The Ballad videos and I found this piece of treasure where Jjong and Kyu are just serenading Jinho~

Cute and funny moment from 140217 Blue Night

Taeyeon: “I think singing whilst dancing is really hard.”
Jonghyun: “Yes! Dance songs are the hardest [to perform].”                          
Taeyeon: “And I have to wear heels too” T__T                                        
Jonghyun: “Oh heels! I want to wear them too!”                                
Taeyeon: 0____________________________0                                            
Jonghyun: “No actually, I still want to grow taller…watching the live           performances (SM the Ballad) makes me feel that it would be great if I was 5cm taller” =.=“                                                                                              

Taeyeon: Nono I just have to grow shorter! (: 

[Credit: YOYOYUAN]