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One of the three original Jaegers built at the dawn of the Kaiju war, Briar Rose walks into battle like something out of a dream. But it took a while for the pilots Aurora and Phillip to get to that point. Aurora was the daughter of a wealthy backer to the Jaeger Program. Long before the giant robots were even commissioned there was backlash from Kaiju worshiping extremists. One went so far as to promise that something would happen to Aurora if her father did not stop the production and use of the Jaegers.

One year later they made good on that threat. She was kidnapped and drugged with a lethal dose of a poison derived from the alien monsters but she was a fighter and instead of dying, she only fell into a coma. Phillip lead a special tasks force and relentlessly searched for her until they found her sleeping body dumped in a temple built for worshiping the monstrous beasts. They got her back to a hospital and were able to flush the toxins from her blood stream, but it was Phillip’s blood transfusion that really saved her. The kiss that sealed her safety. 

When she awoke she made it her first priority to get well enough to join the Jaeger program to spite those who harmed her. Briar Rose was the third Jaeger to take down a Kaijuu and over the course of it’s run managed to tackle quite a few more. Since retired, Aurora works with two of the other rangers Snow and Cinderella to coach and help younger pilots with both the physical and mental aspects of the war. Having suffered from PTSD from both her kidnapping and from fighting on the frontlines, she makes an excellent counselor. 

12/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series


Princess Aurora is arguably the least popular Disney Princess in the official franchise, with many people criticizing her for being romantic, obedient, and too “traditional”. While many people see her as a weak character I, by stark contrast, think she’s one of the strongest characters I’ve ever seen. While it’s important to have characters as headstrong as Belle and Jasmine, it’s equally important to have a character who chooses duty over personal desire, which is precisely what Princess Aurora manifests once she finds out she isn’t, in fact, Briar Rose and her entire life has been a lie. She doesn’t blame anyone, throw a fit, or try to run away; she returns to the castle to meet the parents she just found out existed mere minutes ago, leaves the boy she loves behind (yet she’s somehow dependent on a man?), and accepted a duty she was neither prepared for or asked for. [insp]


SLEEPING BEAUTY (2011) : a study in passivity

My project is not to oppose anything but I’m taking something that exists in all these different forms: the fairy tales; the ancient tradition of older men seeking to spend the night alongside young virgins; contemporary practices on the Internet… It made me realize we’re quite vulnerable when we’re asleep, but when we wake up it’s as if it had never happened.

- Julia Leigh (Director and screenplay writer)


“Art of Aurora” week - Thanks! 

It’s been fun to share the “Art of Aurora” collection with you this week, It was a lot of fun to work on. And, since i’m closing the chapter on it (for now), I thought i’d do a quick little color sketch to say thanks for following along. One in pink, and one in blue. Naturally. ;)


Where Imagination Save The Day// Where a Whole New World Awaits// Where Wonderland is Your Destiny// Where a Moment of Beauty Lasts Forever// Where Every Cinderella Story Comes True// Where You Never Have to Grow Up// Where You’re Always King of the Court// Where Dreams Run Free// Where Your Destiny Awaits// Where Your the Fairest of them All// Where Memories Take Hold and Never Let Go// Where a World of Adventure Awaits// Where Magic Sets Sail// Where Magic Speaks// Where Every Moment Leaves You Hungry for More// Where you Always Follow Your Heart// Where You Can Go On the Ride of your Afterlife// Where Your Every Wish is Our Command

~Disney Dream Portraits, Annie Leibovitz~