gif: shingeki no kyojin

AU where the SnK characters are actors and everyone screws up their lines (thank you otakutaco913 for the idea)
  • Eren: FIGHT! IF YOU WIN YOU LIVE....if u loose? -fuck. line.
  • Hannes: YOU COULDN'T SAVE YOUR MOTHER BECAUSE YOU ARE WEAK AND IM A CROWD- wait what. fuck, its coward. ughhh.
  • Levi: Maybe his trying to take a shit but the shit *laughs* won't come out- im sorry, can we do that again?
  • Hange: CAN I TOUCH IT? YOU WILL LET ME TOUCH IT RIGHT? AHHH ITS HOOTT *very girly voice* eren let me touch it *bursts out laughing* im sorry guys, re-do?
  • Mikasa: His not my boyfriends-boyfriends? damn it!
  • Sasha: Are you asking why humans eat tomatoes? shit! POTATOES! I MEANT POTATOES! i hate this line.
  • Connie: HEY! WHAT DID YOU WIPE ON MY SHIRT?! HEY heeeeyyyy *winks at jean*
  • Erwin: *walls opening to go kill titans* FOORRR SPARTTAAAAA
  • Armin: People, who can’t throw something important away, can never hope it. line?


See the Imgur album for all the screenshots.

In the last two minutes of episode 20 and in the first minutes of episode 21 the Special Operation Squad (aka: Eren, Auruo, Petra, Erd and Gunther) is set on the wrong track by an unknown, hooded figure. Now, you MAY think that the person sidetracking Levi’s Squad is Annie, the Female Giant.

But it’s not.

I watched this scene frame by frame and took some of them. Here’s my point.

1 - The body form is definitely masculine.

2 - The hands look masculine too.

3 - Flat chest. No sign of boobs.

4 - Annie’s skin is very pale, while this person has a olive skin.

5 - He’s wearing an orange sweater. Annie is never shown on screen with an orange sweater. She has a white hoodie.

6 - The nose. THAT ISN’T ANNIE’S NOSE.

So, who is the guy that kills Gunther and disappears right before the Female Titan comes back and kills the SO Squad? He’s very talented at the 3DMG. He’s wearing a Survey Corps Cape in disguise. He appears on screen while both Erwin and Armin are giving a speech about some people who saw Eren’s transformation being infiltrated in the Survey Corps.

Who is he?

And, most important, are those freckles that I’m seeing on his cheeks in the fifth image?

Yes, in case you were wondering, my bet is on Marco. I think he’s alive, I think he was a titan shifter. And trust me, I’m not saying this because I hate him. I love Marco, a lot. I just need him to be alive.

I’m probably crazy.