gif: shinee

They Get Jealous When They See Their Crush Having Fun With a Girl Group *xMale* (SHINee)

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Author: Sherlock

Onew: He knew it was inappropriate for him to get jealous of Red Velvet, his juniors, especially when he was aware at how hard they tried at their comeback, but seeing you alongside them left him with a sick feeling in his stomach. He had gotten used to seeing you alongside other females before for work, but since this was during your free time when you decided to invite the girls for coffee tomorrow, he’d have to catch himself before he reached out to grab your phone and tell them that he’d go instead of them. He’d watch you until you would hang up, making you finally pay attention to his staring. When you asked, his face would light up, and flusteredly excuse himself from wherever you two were are 

Jonghyun: Gfriend was a pretty new group so when he saw how close you were despite not having much time to even get to know them. He’d start biting his lips and getting lost in thought, getting comfortable wherever he was sitting, only snapping back to reality when someone signaled him to. He’d stare at you for a while, wondering if there was anything between you and one of the members. You’d have to ask him if there was something wrong for him to verbally express his worries. 

Key: He’d be so surprised when he saw you talking to Amber on facetime so casually, and how comfortable your conversation was going. Staring for the majority of the time, he’d loop around the room behind you just to make sure his eyes were seeing correctly. Once he finally saw you put down your phone, he would go up to you, asking who you were talking to, trying to dig deeper to find out how exactly you got to such a point. After he realized his obsessive questions were getting out of hand, he’d sigh, straight up asking if you were interested in her.

Minho: He knows that I.O.I is a talented group that deserved everything that came to them, but when he saw them approach you after he performed - when he was going to ask you for your opinion on his performance - he felt a mixture of anger and competitiveness, as if he had to fight for your attention over the girls’. When he’d approach you and the girls he’d sit right next to you, rubbing your shoulder for attention, and once the girls left, he may start doing some aegyo or cracking up some jokes to make sure he was on your thoughts only.

Taemin: When he saw you talking with the girls of Black Pink after they had won an award, he’d feel a sinking feeling, sad that you were hanging out with girls so beautiful instead of him. He’d understand it though, it’d be weird to start getting touchy feely with someone you just considered a friend, and a guy above all, in front of a large crowd. If you realize after the show that he is still down, there would be a chance of a sad confession, not really expecting you to accept.