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Flame of Love MV Story

A man had lost the woman he loved in a car accident. He incarnates into a phoenix to resurrect her. He looses that power, and succeeds in bringing her back to life. However, he looses his own life in exchange. In the after life, the woman he had brought back to life appears in front of the man. The two are then united with eternal love.
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Her Being Curvy: SHINEE


Depending on the kind of clothes you wore, your curves rendered him different kinds of reactions as well. Say you wore some lazy Sunday clothes- he would coddle you like a small baby until you fell asleep. Say it was unbearably hot and you decided to wear something lighter, say short shorts and a tank top- he’d be getting sweaty not from the sun’s heat- that’s for sure.


Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, JongHyun stared after every swing of your hips as you cooked, pretentious innocence dancing in his eyes as he came closer, placing his hands on the mentioned body part and leaning down to place sensuous kisses down your spine, massaging circles into your waist and pressing his front to your back, proving how you made him feel with a simple sway of your hips.


He’d just compliment you, day in and day out, because to him- you were perfect. Ethereal. Gorgeous. Stunning. He could not get enough from you by just looking, every curve of your body making it a wilder ride as his eyes roamed over you.


His breath catching in his lungs every time he saw your curves out in the open with no clothes to shield them, he would be all over you, seducing you without even trying that much, promising you of pleasure so great you would not have experienced anything greater before him.


Finding your curves cute, TaeMin would be the most protective one, having a hand over your wait, or shoulders sometimes, he would parade through the city with you in his grasp, telling all the other males that you are not accessible, either with or without him.