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Just want to say Thank You for this amazing organization. When my former (male) boss left, I was asked to step into the role. The original offer came with a salary that was disappointing compared to the responsibilities involved. But I remembered all the empowering posts I've been following from you for the past year, and in subsequent meetings with our (male) CEO, I was able to negotiate a 30% increase to the original offer. I'm now kicking ass in my new role and loving it!

YAS! This is so great!! Thank you for sharing :) 

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Host Amy Poehler and Producer Meredith Walker stopped by the Beast 4.24.13 to shoot an episode of Smart Girls at the Party!

Dr. Jane Aronson:

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson: Coming soon!

*Smart Girls also offers music, advice, glimpses into other cultures, nice things to put into the world, and even a minute or two with some boys.


smartgirlsattheparty –> Maggie Doyne!

Topic for today

So if you know me at all, you probably know that inspiring women are my shit. I guess that kinda makes me a feminist? We’re gonna go with yes. Anyways, I feel as if a whole bunch of people my age just don’t feel as empowered as I do when a woman does something amazing. Or is a comedic genius. Or overcomes a tragedy. Or isn’t afraid to say what they want. So for all those who are lacking, I’m going to write a list of the women who inspire me most. It’ll be cool to look back at in a few years. It’s going to be a countdown. With pictures. Lets fucking do this. 

10) Lea Michele 

Some people think she’s just like her character on Glee and they think that’s a bad thing. But I just don’t understand that argument. Rachel Berry is independent. She’s never let bullies get her down, and she damn sure followed her dream. If Lea is anything like Rachel, I can see why people love her.

9) Ellen 

All 4 years of high school I’m pretty sure I never missed an episode of Ellen. She has her own underwear line. She respects and admires people for doing good and in return does them good. She has helped people let them know it’s okay to be themselves. How can you not love her. 

8) Oprah 

Apparently I love talk show hosts. But really. Let’s analyze. Look at this woman. She was born into poverty and is now a self made billionaire. Plus she tried acting and got an academy award for it. That doesn’t happen. Oprah might not even be human. 

7) Jennifer Aniston 

Can you say girl crush? I can. Maybe everybody loves her for the ageless skin, but personally I love her confidence. Her confidence in both herself and her work. She puts her heart and soul into her work, no matter what the job. That deserves respect.  

6) Gabby Giffords 

Her story is full of resilience. Gabby has worked incredibly hard on her road to recovery and she is not backing down.

5) Meryl Streep 

I don’t even think I have to explain.

4) Sara Bareilles 

You’ve probably never heard Beautiful Girl by Sara Bareilles. Give it a listen. In my opinion, Sara is the most underrated artist of our time. Those lyrics. Those melodies. That lack of professional training. That amazingness. She’s doing in all right. 

3) Malala Yousafzia 

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to go to a great college. This girl is 16 years old and is an education activist from Pakistan. She suffered. She survived. She’s not stopping the fight for women’s education rights. 

2) Sarah Kay

Odds are, you’ve never heard of her. And that’s a shame because this woman’s way with words has changed the way I see the world. Sarah is a spoken word poet who spreads poetry to better the community. She inspires hundreds of people, young and old, to engage in the world around them using spoken word. And she’s only 25.

1) Amy Poehler 

All of these women are amazing. But for me, Amy Poehler takes the cake. At a time when comedy was the “boy’s club” she showed the world what she was made of. And she did it better than anybody. She is funny, but that’s not everything to her. She is an amazing person with a love of life, and just living it. She has a YouTube channel that challenges and inspires girls to be themselves. Amy makes me want to be a better person, and is the greatest inspiration a girl can ask for. So thank you, Ms. Poehler, for being you. You’re my ultimate role model. 


Of course this book is already perfect because it’s written by a perfect person. But I’ve listed some reasons as to why I can’t get over how incredibly perfect the TITLE is:

1) Amy is the queen of improv. We all know that the first rule of improv is the say “YES” to your scene partner, otherwise the scene won’t move forward. When I think of Amy I always think of her quotes regarding improv and UCB, and how each quote is applicable to your life. Don’t shut things down, say “yes” to chances and opportunities - that’s an idea that Amy has always reiterated in interviews and personally, changed my life for the better.

2) I see the “PLEASE” part as a literal indicator of politeness. This embodies Smart Girls at the Party. Everything about SGATP is about how it’s fine to voice your opinion about any issue, but also that it’s important to be kind and polite when you do. Amy has always been so giving and caring, and her positivity shines onto to all young girls around the world. So when I see “Yes, Please”, I think it’s perfect because it reminds me of how Amy values charity, good manners, and represents her willingness to accept challenges.

3) It is a simple phrase, and it applies to everything! It was literally my reaction when I saw the book cover earlier today. I hope you all agree with me when I say this - every time you see Amy’s face - on television, in the movies, in pictures - it just warms your heart, doesn’t it? Because she’s a hard worker, she’s talented and the cutest thing in comedy right now. (Am I right?)

So from now on, if someone ever asks me, Amy Poehler? I’ll say, “Yes Please”.


i got chills at this episode, chills! chills! 

I started Smart Girls with my partners, Meredith Walker and Amy Miles, as an attempt to create something on the internet that wasn’t terrible. Because the internet is awful and is going to destroy us all… So Smart Girls was an attempt to celebrate the person who’s being themselves, the curious person, male or female. Just like kind of the anti-famous thing where we celebrated individuals who are changing the world by being themselves. I just really wanted to do a Charlie Rose type thing where I asked young girls hard-hitting questions about like cleaning their room. I wanted to treat what they were interested in as importantly as other people’s stuff gets treated.
—  Amy Poehler on the creation of Smart Girls (x)