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Imagine Seth and Tama both having a crush on you

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Through Pain with Love ( Seth x Reader)

A/N: I switch between the names Seth and Colby often during the imagine due to the actor real name being Colby Lopez.

 Staring out of the cab window just wasn’t keeping your mind occupied anymore. You needed to get there quicker. The thought of Seth in pain without you was breaking your heart. The phone call he made to you the night before where he called from the hospital telling you he re-injury his knee broke you as you could tell there was pain in his voice. You hopped on the first flight you could get and rush to be with him and the hours since have left your mind wondering. It didn’t help that the minute you got off of the plane you saw the video of where he got hurt. The pain in his eyes was enough for you to know that this was serious and could take him awhile to recover. He might even miss out on another WrestleMania for it.

“We’re here miss” The driver said jumping you out of your train of thought. You quickly grabbed your bags and threw a few bills towards the driver.

“Keep the change” you shouted right before you slammed the door. You knew you should of been more polite but at this moment you didn’t care all you wanted was Seth. Standing in front of the hospital you knew that this one and others were going to be your new home for the next few months. With one final deep breath you made your way inside.

“I’m looking for Colby Lopez” the girl on the counter looked up at you and smiled

“You must be his girlfriend Y/N, he hasn’t stop asking for you, you know” You smiled back, he wanted to see you as much as you wanted to see him. That’s one thing you loved about Colby he always made you feel some type of a way that you couldn’t explain. Her words stung a little making you feel a bit guilty that you couldn’t get here any sooner.  

“Room 234 it will be on your right down the hall”

“Thank you” Pulling your things you with you made your way down the long hallway stopping at his room. You took in the scene around you. Some people were coming out of rooms crying and others were smiling and laughing. How you hope that you would be the last one. Everything about this place put you on edged, being here always meant bad news to you and that something you didn’t want anymore. You wanted good memories here at least.

Pushing opened Colby door, his head quickly turned and a grin already started to form across his face. You took in his features, you haven’t seen in weeks before this moment due to your guys jobs. His hair was fully brown again with no traces of the blonde anymore, oh how you had missed his long hair. His eyes showed love and you finally felt at home again.

“Colby how are you?” You rushed out but you quickly changed your mind on what to say “Or should I say Seth Freakin’ Rollins” Colby laughed at you, putting his hands up and taking a little bow trying to keep up with your game.

“In a little pain” He said reaching to take ahold of your hand. His answer made you worry a little

“Want me to go get a nurse to give you something? I’m sure I saw one before I walked in”

“Hey Y/N don’t worry I’m fine, its something I got to deal with” Pulling you into him so now that his head was leaning on your shoulder you started to ran your fingers through his hair.

“I’m always going to worry about you because I love you”

“I love you too”

“What did the doctor say?” Colby took a deep breath and gave you the news “ No sugary again so that’s a good thing but I can’t wrestle or do to much with it. I can barely walk but it’s enough if I do it the wrong way I could make all of this so much worse. The doctor says I got off lucky this time around since it was my same knee. A little muscle torn now can mean a permanent injury.”

“Oh baby” You said cupping his cheeks giving him a quick peck on the lips “Were going to get through this”

“I’ll always get through this Y/N as long as you are there to cheer me on whether it’s here in this bed or out on the stage.”

“You can always count on me to be Seth Rollins number one fan”

For the rest of you day you stayed cuddled into Colby side. Catching up with each other lives and enjoying each others company once again. You both needed moments like these that made you remember that everything could change in a blink of an eye. Right now you knew one thing and that was you were going to do everything in your power to make sure that Colby was well again so he could go back to being Seth Rollins with his number one fan cheering him on in the crowds.