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April VIII:Finale

Part 8

Oh my God. Pregnancy Test positive.

You felt the blood drain from your face and rush to your fingertips as you clutched onto the test results tightly. Anything but this. Not this. Not right now.

Kai pounded on the door, asking you to open up, but you sat against the wall and hugged your knees. You couldn’t help but think of what might’ve been. You thought of the many ways you would’ve surprised Sehun, the process of decorating the baby room, shopping for baby clothes, guessing the sex of the baby, who’s eyes the baby would have. Your mind was a mess. Were you even going to have the baby? The thought of losing the child caused your silent tears into full on weeping. The baby was yours and Sehun’s. Your clutched your fist and held it close to your heart. You couldn’t stop the endless pain of feeling your heart being twisted and crushed. Even though it killed you being away from him, you were happy as long has he’s happy. If you could give Sehun anything in the world, regardless how impossible, regardless how much you had suffer, you would do it in a heartbeat. Your tears had dried up and left its imprints on your cheeks. You sat there quietly on the floor, trying to stabilize your breathing.

“Beth, please open up… I’m begging you. I’ll do anything,” cried Kai.

You slowly unlocked the door and turned the knob.

“Will you let me go?”

Kai said nothing and you knew the answer.

You walked right passed him and laid in the foreign bed.

“I’m tired, I need my rest.”

Kai left the room and you closed your eyes, failing to fall asleep. You suffered through many sleepless nights, silent weeping, and painful heartaches. Although almost two months have passed, if felt like decades. Kai tried his best to make things as normal as possible, but everything was so wrong. At dinner, you barely said anything to him and wouldn’t even look him in the eye. You tried your best to eat, but every time, you felt nothing but disgust.

“I’m not feeling well, I think I’m going to lie down.”

Kai buried his face in his hands and breathed heavily. Just minutes you climbed into bed, Kai rushed into your room and sat by your side. You turned away from him but he forcefully turned you back towards him and shook you hard.

“Even if you don’t want to eat with me, you can’t keep doing this to yourself. I mean look at you! This is not healthy! Think about it Beth, you’re pregnant. Do it for your baby!”

You couldn’t control the tears flowing down your face. Kai, with both hands on your shoulders, watched you cry and slowly led you to his chest. Kai took a deep breath as you wept in his shirt. He took in everything he could. This was the closest he’s been to you in months. He thought of letting you go, but he couldn’t get himself to do that. He loved you too much. He prayed that maybe you’d open up to him, that maybe after your pregnancy you’d learn to love him too. He kissed you on your forehead and turned to leave. You quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

“Can I ask something of you?”

“Anything Beth.”

“Can you arrange a car for me tomorrow? I want to go out for a bit.”

“Of course.”

Kai knew you wouldn’t try to escape or try anything risky. He was afraid the first time you asked to go out for a bit, but he trusted you.

The next morning, you threw on your favorite blouse and skirt. You could already see your baby bump in the mirror. You gently placed your hands over your belly and smiled for the first time in a while. It was as if you could feel Sehun’s presence.

“Where would you like to go miss?”

“The usual place.”


“Come on, you seriously have to stop this. You have a business to run, you have a life to live,” said Chen.

“What’s the point if Beth’s not here?” Sehun was about to take another sip of his beer, but Chen snatched it out of his hand.

“You have to stop this. Look at yourself! If Beth saw you like this, she would be heartbroken. We both know that.”

“Why did she leave me? Why won’t anyone tell me what’s happening?”

“Boss, you’ve been like this for two months now, please. Come to the office and we’ll figure this out together okay? I promise you I’ll help you get her back.”

Sehun looked at Chen and wiped the tears off his face.

“I miss her so much.”

“I know you do boss, I know you do.”

Sehun hadn’t been to work in over two months. This would be the first time Chen was able to convince him to go back to work.

“Right here miss?”

“Yes, right here please.”

You rolled down your windows and stared at the company from across the street. You checked the time and it was almost lunch time. You wondered what he would eat, what he was wearing, what he was doing. However, you got something better than that. For the first time in two months, you saw the love of your life. It pained you to see how much weight he’s lost. You couldn’t help but feel tears well in your eyes.

Chen turned around and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Boss, look across the street.”

Sehun turned around and froze. His heart pounded as he watched you from afar. You shot him a sad smile and thanked the lord there were cars in your way. It took all your might from getting out of that car and running into his arms, but instead, you turned away.

“Let’s go now.”

You heard Sehun shouting your name, you watched him chase after your car. You knew this would be the last time you could ever come here again.

Sehun wouldn’t stop chasing your car, but unfortunately his legs were no match to the speed of the car. Chen caught up to him and stopped him.

“Chen, let me go! I lost her once, I’m not going to lose her again!”

“Boss, I think I know a way to find her.”

They rush to Sehun’s office and Chen tracks down the license plate number and the model of the car. “It says the car is registered to, Kim Jongin.”

Sehun couldn’t help but feel so stupid. Of course it had something to do with Kai. “Do you have his address?”

“What can’t I find boss?”

Beth went home and gave her housekeeper a day off. She wanted to do some chores to keep her mind off of things. As she was wiping down her the coffee table, the door bell began to ring. She went to open the door and there he was. Despite losing so much weight, he was as beautiful as ever.

“Sehun, you have to go.”

“He forced you into this didn’t he? He threatened you and that’s why you left right Beth?”

“Sehun, seriously, you have to go. You can’t be here.”

Beth tried shutting the door, but he grabbed her hand.

“We’re leaving now, you’re coming back with me. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

You resisted with all your might, but it was no use, he was too strong. You said in a shaky voice, “I don’t love you anymore.” You tried your best to sound convincing, but even you weren’t convinced. He took you into his arms and hugged you tight. You resisted from wrapping your arms around his waist, but you weren’t strong enough. Taking a deep breath in, you missed the smell of his cologne. However, this was interrupted by the thought of Kai’s threats and the possibility of ruining your father and Sehun’s career.

“No Sehun, you can’t be here, you have to go. We can’t be together, it’s impossible,” you said frantically.

He wouldn’t move so you beg him to leave. Suddenly, your head felt too light and the world was spinning.

“Beth? Are you okay?! Take to me Beth!”

He takes out his phone and quickly dials Chen’s number, “Beth just passed out, we have to go to the hospital immediately!”


“Boss, we just received news that Beth is in the hospital.”

“What? Push back my 4 o’clock meeting and get my car ready.”

When Kai shows up to the hospital, he sees the sight of Sehun’s worried stare as he held on to Beth’s hand. Regardless of who came into the room, he never took his eyes off of Beth.

“Okay, I am back with her report. The reason of her fainting is greatly due to the fact she was too in shock. This is also combined with being over stressed and exhausted. She will definitely need to rest and I will come back to check on her other vitals too,” explained the doctor.

“Thank you doctor,” said Sehun.

Kai took one more look at Sehun and then at the sleeping Beth and sighed.

“She’s free from our contract. Tell her that when she wakes up.”

Sehun turns around in shock. “What?”

“I simply can’t make her happy. Take good care of her please.”

Right before Kai leaves, he tells Sehun, “Congratulations, by the way.”

“Congrats on what?”

“You seriously have no observation skills have you?” said Kai before he left the room.

“I checked on her other vitals and everything’s stable. Her baby is also very healthy so with enough rest, she should be fine.”

Just then did Sehun notice your baby bump. How could he have missed it?

You woke up to the sound of the doctor’s voice and he repeats everything once again. Placing your hand on your stomach, you smiled. Sehun with tears in his eyes, kisses your hand gently.

“I’m not dreaming am I?”

Sehun laughs and wipes the tears away from your eyes, “No love, you’re not. No more crying now, it’s not good for our baby.”

“Wait, what about—”

“Everything’s been taken care of. In a few hours, we can go home.”

Home. You liked the sound of that.    

Sehun leans over and kissed you.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that.”


We met in April and she was like the rain, soft and gentle. Slowly, like soft drizzles, I fell for her. The way she held her book sitting in the park bench, the way her eyes sparkle when dimples form on her cheeks, the way she talks with her soothing voice makes my heart pound a little bit more. She was taken, but all I wanted was to do was love her.

Since he met you, there hasn’t been a single day he stopped thinking about her. He laughed at his immature days, the days he tried to force you into loving him. Now, he was on a plane for England. He needed to get his mind off of things and to get a fresh start.

Goodbye Beth.

“Sehun, I can’t do this. I can’t.”

“I’m so sorry for all of this. Breathe in and out just like the doctor said.”

“I don’t want to do this again.”

“For sure, one child’s enough.”

“Alright, now you’re going to have to push okay?”

You held onto Sehun’s hand so tightly. You didn’t know how any woman was able to do this, but you sure were glad that the love of your life was there with you the entire time.

“He’s beautiful.”

“He looks just like you,” said Sehun as he placed your son in your arms. He put his arms around you and kissed your forehead. “I don’t want you going through that again.”

“Remember that night at the aquarium? We said that we wanted two kids? I want another child so our baby can have a younger brother or sister.”

Sehun held you close and he was all you needed.

“I love you Beth, so so much. Remember when you said, if you had to pick every star in the galaxy for me, you would? I don’t need anything in this entire world besides you. You’re my everything.”