gif: sb

Since we started talking everyday,
it’s always you.
It’s you that I remember whenever my favorite songs are playing.
You are the reason why I can’t sleep at night, because I keep thinking about what we are and what we will continue to become.
It’s you;
You are the reason I randomly wake up at 2am and smile uncontrollably.
It’s you when I’m breathing, or eating, or studying.
You are everywhere to me, no matter how far away we are from each other.
I see you in random places in my head.
You are everywhere and you are my everything.
It’s you, it’s always been you.
It will never be anyone else.
Only you.

I’ve read countless stories of Sbs being put in uncomfortable awkward & just plan dangerous situations. I’m over it. No one deserves to have their head shoved close to a man’s dick or forced to kiss or touch or even go somewhere with someone they do not want to. Stop letting the fact that these men have money control you & make you do things you don’t want to. IT IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE WORTH IT. Practice saying and meaning “NO” UNAPOLOGETICALLY. No one will take you serious if you are saying no in a halfass way. I used to read these stories and think to myself “what a fuckin idiot” but I realized that a lot would be avoided if SBs stop letting the money or thought of it dictate how you let a stranger treat you. I get it times may be hard but don’t let desperation cloud your judgment. Set & maintain your boundaries! Don’t let these men manipulate you! Always Always Always put your safety & self first. Who gives a fuck if he’s offering 5k if you’re in constant fear that he will harm you. Don’t put yourself in any position to be taken advantage of. No matter how well things may be going remember you do not know this man completely. Some of yall are just too trusting of any well dressed man with money. Newsflash! 9/10 times that man is NOT to be trusted. This is not the time to be scared to say no. These men mainly try it with the girls who don’t set or keep boundaries. Be a lady who knows what the fuck she wants! Stay woke & Stay safe babes!


2 WEEKS AGO I watched Riviera (programme on Sky) and thought hm I’d love to go to Monaco and live that life. And boom. Just back from the place with SD1. I always have a vision board I’m working on and little affirmations I say in my head.
Also tumblr and your own blog is so good for confirming your goals and when you see it come up every day, you subconsciously work towards it.

I remember when I had nothing, literally nothing. The only Lux make-up I had was a passed down Clinique powder. But due to me constantly focusing on all these aspects of luxury living- I’ve honestly gained everything I’ve wanted. I’m not even joking. It doesn’t come easily or quickly but somehow when you want something bad enough- life finds a way to give it to you.

I’m still a developing SB but miles and miles ahead of what I used to be like when I first started out.


Thank heavenly hosts for soaked Shownu in Master Key.