gif: save me


Asteria…why do you do this to me. Why?

Rough translation (Don’t quote me on this, I’m definitely not proficient enough in Japanese to actually translate well. The brackets within the speech are words I’ve added in to make it flow a little better)

Sorey: Just one more strike…It’ll only take one more strike, that’s what I’ve decided.

Sorey: Mikleo! Armatise with me one more-

(Sound of crackling crystals(of doom))

Sorey: Eh?

Mikleo: Sorey. I’m sorry…

Mikleo: (I couldn’t) stay with you to the very-

(More crackling(and my tears apparently))

Sorey: Mik…le..o?

Sorey: This can’t be…something like this (can’t be happening)

  • Phil: maybe a fish, or a hamster
  • Dan: *laughs suspiciously*
  • Me: *gasp*
  • Phandom: *screams, war flashbacks, fainting, crying, in the distance: sirens*
  • World: *burns*
  • Phil: ..,..,,,, AltHOuGH I thInK I coULdn'T HandLE tHe ResPonSIbIlitY oF hAvINg a HaMSTeR