gif: ryan

Glitched Seer Ryan

I can just imagine as the game goes on along with the fact that Ryan’s God tier allows him to know everything from nothing, just knowing all the things that are gonna happen, knowing that he’ll never get to go home again or that his family is gone forever, he’ll gradually start to lose his mind.

He will start to actually become the mad king and at first its small, just some actual insane ideas here and there, but soon enough after some time it will gradually become him completely bonkers and telling them to call him Mad King, to bow before him or else they’ll die and various other crazy things.

Just he completely loses his mind to the point where The Mad King and Ryan are two different people…

But also imagine that one of them tries to talk some sense into him (like Geoff or someone) tries to bring back the Ryan they all once knew, and it starts to work for practically five seconds before he pounces and tries to kill them. So Ray, it becoming like some sort of a reflex just jumps out and stabs Ryan right through his chest.

In that single moment Ryan would regain his sanity only to see that he was stabbed and was practically dying without any idea of what was going on. It would both be Just and Unjust since he was no long sane when it happened.

Then what if because of this, he glitched? Like he just comes back all glitched the hell out and sometimes would just spazz out, glitching the hell out. Say some weird things, sometimes glitch to be the Mad King

Therefore becoming Glitched Seer Ryan.