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Naps and Deals

“Its been a few Easters since I’ve seen the little bugger.” Bunny pointed out, lounging next to North as he scribbled something on a scroll. “He hasn’t been snowing out my Easters.”

North grunted. “Maybe he has grown respect for you, no?”

Bunny snorted. “Frostbite? Nah.”

North gazed at him very seriously, his eyes twinkling. “Jack has made deal with sandman.”

Bunny’s ears perked. “Wha?”

North straightened, his jaw setting. “When was last time Easter was snowy?”

Bunny thought back. “Maybe a half a century? Sixty years?”

North nodded. “Around then, Jack makes deal with Sandy. Jack makes warm spot with no cold for Sandy to set his dreams at night, and Sandy gives Jack enough sleep sand to sleep through Easter weekend.”

Bunny’s eyes went wide. Jack was doing that for him?

“But why would he? Jack doesn’t care bout anyone.”

North looked at him knowingly. “he cares for you.”

Bunny froze, and heat swelled in his chest. Easter had passed a few days ago, and like magic, Jack stepped through the door, a sleepy look on his face.

“Hey Santa, Bunny.” He greeted, flying over to look over Norths new project.

Bunny only watched him, noticing the easy, loose swing of his feet and shoulders, so relaxed. He saw Frost melting off the staff and sending trails onto the floor in slushy puddles. Was that a blush on the boys cheeks?

Bunny grabbed Jacks staff, dragging him out into the hallway. Jack tried protesting, but it was a feeble attempt that didn’t get him anywhere.

“What are yo-”

Bunnys lips were on his, and Jack found his body flush against Aster’s. His hands tangled into fur, and lips nipped at another. Aster will be proud to announce that he had nipped Jack Frosts nose, a joke he’d be sure to use forever.

Jack returned his kisses, leaning into the touch and bending to meet the sweet touch of paws trailing under his jacket.

“It is about time.” The pair head North chuckle, but a quick blast of frost from Jack sent the old man running back down the hall.

“He’s right, ya know.” Jack said between kisses. “I’ve been waiting.”

Bunny only pushed harder onto Jacks willing mouth, his throat purring with a pleasured moan. “Then stop skipping Easter and spend it with me.”

Jack stares dumbfounded at Bunny, but the rabbits quick lips and caressing pads took his breath from him.


Nightmare Galleon 

i’m not so sure if this is done yet…im sure ill flip out over something and come back to it, but fuck it, HERE YA GO TIREDOFHIDINGUNDERBEDS :D happy birthday and Merry Christmas! this is only one part to the series of images ill be painting up, but im quite excited. 

seriously, since i read MiM’s book all i could think of was how much i wanted to paint the Nightmare Galleon’s attack on the Moon Clipper. so it’s a work in progress -__- but so far enjoy ^^