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“Rousseau says: If we assume man has been corrupted by an artificial civilization, what is the natural state? The state of nature from which he has been removed? Imagine wandering up dan down the forest without industry, without speech, and without home.”


Please don’t worry anymore. I know how hard this has all been for you and I promise never to be so much trouble again. You really didn’t think, my darling, that I might lose faith in God? Why, I would have to lose our love if I did that. You have taught me too well that it was the divine father who gave us that love and who has made it so perfect. Oh! No! I only lost my peace of mind for a little while when I had to face the fact that I can never have a child of your blood and body. It is the hardest thing I will ever have to go through, but I shall learn to kiss that cross. And darling, I have the most beautiful Rosary in the world to cherish all my life—its lovely pearls are the hours I can spend with you—each one a heavenly joy—and if at the end I must always find a cross—I know that I shall also find your dear hand waiting, ready to give me the bread of life.
- Jeanette MacDonald in a letter to Nelson Eddy (1948) 

I do remember this one episode and the director was Coby Ruskin, who had done a lot of The Andy Griffith SHows and he had been around for years. I’m sure he started his career, probably in the ‘40s, maybe doing radio, I don’t know, but he was an old director. For whatever reason, he walked up to me on the set, and he grabbed me by the hair, and he took my head and he hit me right against the wall. Out of nowhere. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I told Doris, and she fired him. She was protective of us.
-This was during the shooting of an episode?
-And they had to bring in another director?
I guess. That’s how I remember it. She let him go. We were like her kids.