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jupeter established relationship: Peter comes back to Mars to learn that juno is in a coma

So here it is: my own little Choose Your Own Adventure.

Peter Nureyev and the Blue Persephone. 

At various points, the story will diverge, and I’ll include links to the next sections. I’ll also include a link to the previous section, so you have the chance to catch up if you missed one. 

I’ll include places for you to respond, so you can give feedback or suggestions for ways the story can go from this point forward. No one path is bound by the same continuity as any of the others. You can also submit suggestions via asks. 

Like it if you’ve read it, feel free to reblog if you want. The sections will always be hidden under a “read more” bar, so it may or may not show up on mobile. 

I’ve thrown in some OCs for the sake of building the setting. Whether they stick around or not is entirely up to the suggestions of the readers.

Warnings for body horror.

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