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i cant believe i met my favorite band!!! and they were so lovely, all of them! Brandon and i had a really good conversation like he asked me about my photography and my life in Austria and he said he liked ‘picking my brain’ haha and Zac, Joe, and Tim were all super nice, we talked about previous shows and i told them im seeing them twice again this summer and i mentioned that my dream would be to photograph them from the stage and Brandon literally said that maybe they can arrange that and Tim and i talked about a mutual friend we have and yeah it was just so nice and they said they are excited to see my photos and thanked me for taking photos and omg!! and i met so many nice other fans too! since i had a photopass i didnt need my ticket (and the show was sold out within minutes since there were only 600 tickets and also they were personalized with the name of the ticket buyer on them to avoid resales) and i was able to get her in even tho the ticket was in my name and she was so happy and it made me so happy too! and the show was just…so amazing! it was hot as hell in the venue (Brandon mentioned almost passing out on stage) but the atmosphere and crowd was amazing and their set was 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 they played People Live Here and its one of my favorite songs and i never heard it live before and i got emotional and they played a couple of new songs (Brandon said they fucked them up a bit bc they only played them twice but i said i couldnt tell and also it makes it more real bc its not perfect and i like that) and yeah, just a crazy good show and one of the best nights ive ever had and im so grateful to Ashley and Rise Against!!!

Help Is On The Way

Life’s hard, that’s what I’ve been told.
And that’s what I learned as I grew old.
But “I have my mother’s dreams, I have my father’s eyes,
You can’t take that from me, just go ahead and try.”

You’d have to fight and kill me for that.
But I’d bet you to the ground in two seconds flat.
Cos’ this is all that I have left.
Makes it so easy that winning would be theft.

Rising from the ashes and here to see.
Becoming the person I needed to be.
Becoming what I needed back then.
No one should live what I lived back then.

No one should have to run or to flee.
From a would that just won’t set them free.
So, the people of hardship, I’ve learned from my past.
I’ll show them the way and teach them to last.

Using the years to learn how to stand.
Instead learned to fly but not how to land.
So for thousand of times I’ve crashed and burned.
But now I got it and I’ve finally returned.

So with my mother’s dreams and my father’s eyes.
I’ll show them the way to clear the skies.
I’m now at a point where I can finally say
You’re still here and help is on the way.

— Frederik Frøsig
  • *The Violence plays*
  • me: this is my favourite song
  • *Tragedy + Time plays*
  • me: wait, this is my favourite song
  • *House on Fire plays*
  • me: really, this is my favourite song
  • *Entire Rise Against discography plays at once*
  • me: no wait this is my favou-