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We’re broken but still breathing
We are wounded but we are healing
We pick up right where we left off
Breathe on the ashes that remain
So that these coals may become fire to guide our way

Rise Against//Hairline Fracture

You should listen to this whole song, it’s so beautiful.

This song goes out to all of you. The next generation. The generation that will inherit all of this. The generation that will make the decisions. The generation that will put their hands on the wheel of history and decide which way it goes. The generation that we hope will hold people accountable for their actions no matter what uniform they wear. The generation that will keep an eye on the people in charge whether they’re at Fruitvale station, whether they’re in Iraq, on the streets of Ferguson, on the Staten Island grand jury… This generation will be our Savior.
—  Tim McIlrath

Tim McIlrath - Rise Against

‘’No matter what walk of life you are, you’re welcome at our show. And if you’re a person who would not want a person who has different sexual orientation at a show with you, then actually it’s you who isn’t welcome.’’


Rise Against - Making Christmas