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you know what? taylor’s new music has definitely grabbed everyone’s attention in both good ways and bad ways, and i know that she realises people won’t adapt to it as fast as she’d maybe hoped so, and some may not choose to listen to her so much anymore. but she made this music, and this new reputation of hers, because it’s what she wanted to do, and what she’s always wanted to do. she doesn’t seem phased that people may or may not fade away from her and her music because she’s finally doing whatever she wants and she’s in full control of her private and public life. she doesn’t care that people miss the ‘old’ her because in her mind, she’s still the same 'taylor alison swift’ as she always has been, she’s just grown and exuded more confidence in herself than ever before, which i’m so incredibly proud of her for.

with zero media attention, no promo, and a brand new unique style of music, she’s broken numerous records in just 2 weeks, and is currently holding the number 1 and 2 itunes spots worldwide, so no matter what any of us or anyone in the entire world may think of the 'new’ taylor, she’s the only one who gets to win here. she’s an absolute powerhouse, and she’s only rising upwards and onwards.

let the games begin.

New kin drama

You cant kin characters that are tops if you’re a bottom

You cant kin characters that are bottoms if youre a top

You can kin with both top and bottoms if you’re both a top and bottom