gif: ranking king

  • *During Infinite's Ranking King's Fashion King ep. Sungjong steps out of the dressing room after preparing for his photoshoot. Myungsoo sees him in his new clothes and just stares with his mouth literally open*
  • Myungsoo: Those clothes look good on you.
  • Sungjong: *Can't hear because he has his headphones in* Huh?
  • Myungsoo: Nothing. What clothes wouldn't look good on you? Everything would look good on you.

Sunggyu happily running over his members (and into another car) with a smile on his face.

I want EXO to be in a variety show with Infinite:
  • Kai and L: will be staring at each other and it'll be PURE PORN.
  • 2Yeol: will be Happy Virus-ing and derping together, and we'll all RLAB
  • Grandpas: will have deep talks on how hard it is to raise their children
  • 2Hyun: will be GREASY together
  • Dongwoo and Kris: will compare their fashion outfit of the day
  • Hoya and Tao: will fight together
  • Sungjong and Luhan: will play "who's the most princess-like"