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drunkardonjunkyard  asked:

How many clothes does David keeps in his dungeon at Paradise? Wondering whether he made Elisabeth salvaged his wardrobe before boarding the Engineer's ship.

Hi! Good question!

Long blonde hair and neck porn. Please kill me with bricks. 

We saw David wear a hooded cape and a dark undershirt at some point. 

He also wore his tight blue suit from Prometheus. 

It’s funny because just a few minutes ago he was wearing a different suit… See? A suit with orange lines. Maybe he wore both at the same time? Or he decided at the last minute to change because he hates orange.  Look at his legs. My god, It’s so incredibly tight. How could he walk? 

I don’t think Elizabeth really cared about clothes at that point in the movie. She was in pain and just wanted to leave. The T-shirt in The Crossing… hey maybe that was David’s T-shirt?  

I don’t know. it looks quite similar.


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