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Camila & PR Relationship

After our fellow @decoding1432 drop this interesting interview, I did some research and let’s see what I found.

The Interview with Colton Haynes post -> HERE. 
(Watch the video so u can understand what I’m trying to do here.)

I did it just with Camila… so let’s see:

I saw a certain pattern here with celebrities that now are assumed GAYS…let’s see some pictures of couples that we know were PR for sure.

  • Colton & Holland Roden
  • Colton & Emily Bett
  • Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

Show intimacy:

Seems to be more than friends but not too much:

Sound like the perfect couple:

Have some fun together:

Show happiness:


I’ll just leave this here. 

(PS: I think they worked a little bit different with our rebel Lauren.)


All in the Family

Some thoughts inspired by two really on point posts linked below:

As far as I’m concerned, Harry and Louis are very much open and out to all their friends and family.  A bunch of larries on Tumblr certainly aren’t in their inner circle - not really family members, but we are a part of the “family” in a way.  They know we know.  They’ve thrived on our support and validation for years.  All the little signals, tattoos, rainbow colored bears, etc., etc. were never meant for the general public.  Those signs and signals were and are meant for the “family.”

Indications are, they want to come out - at some point.  When and how they do it is completely up to them - they’re under no obligation to anyone but each other.  I don’t think Harry will come out without Louis.  I don’t think Harry wants his sexual orientation to overshadow his solo debut either.  They are still very much in the closet as far as the general public is concerned - however thin and tenuous Harry’s closet appears (to us) right now.  A lot of the push-pull and incongruity we’re feeling now is due to the fact that we’re consuming all the information intended for the GP and everything that’s just for the “family.”  They have to be very careful not to out themselves - even though we are “family” we have more than a few loose cannons in our midst.  Outside the fandom bubble, it’s amazing how many obvious signs people ignore - they just absorb what they’re fed.

Whenever a het stunt, or narrative rears its ugly head - I remind myself it isn’t intended for me, for us.  They could have shut us down a thousand times if they really wanted to.  If Harry and Louis had it their way, they would have come out years ago.  Now they are dealing with today’s reality - a reality that keeps them closeted - for now.  I don’t blame them for any of it.  It’s their lives and careers - we have no right to make demands on them.  If Harry feels the need to engage in cringy het stunts, if it takes Louis a long time to extricate himself from BG - I’ll still be on their side.  Both of them are kind, generous, charming, talented people.  Harry is in the middle of releasing some of the most beautiful, open and heartfelt music we’ve heard in a long time.  That’s enough for me.  They will be more open when and if it’s right for them. 

Alfabet Motylków

A – Anoreksja, moja królowa- upadły Anioł, który niszczy moją duszę.
B – Bulimia, moja koleżanka i Bezsilność, co wkrada się w życie.
C – Chudnięcie, im więcej tym lepiej.
D – Doskonałość, zawsze daleka.
E – Egoizm, wcale nie myślę tylko o sobie/ ED zaburzenia odżywienia.
F – Figura ,wciąż nie ta upragniona.
G – Głodówka, szczyt wytrzymałości.
H – Hamowanie głodu tabletkami.
I – Izolacja, tylko ja i Ana.
J – Jedzenie, surowo zabronione!
K – Kalorie, obsesja liczenia i Kłamstwo, które jednak triumfuje.
L – Lustro, którego oblicze sprawia rozpacz.
Ł – Łzy, płynące po twarzy.
M – Miłość do Anoreksji i kości/ Męczarnia przez katowanie się ćwiczeniami.
N – Nienawiść do swojego ciała.
O – Obiektywne spojrzenie, którego mi brak.
P – Pragnienie, bycia piękną.
R – Restrykcje wobec samego siebie i Realizm, którego nie znajdziesz we mnie.
S – Satysfakcja, jest cudowna.
T – Thinspiracje, które pomagają
U – Ukrywanie niejedzenia, ciągły stres.
W – Ważenie się, chwila niepewności.
Z – Zero, wymarzony rozmiar.