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The 1–2–3 Step To Mastering the Sugar Daddy Search

So many aspiring SBs have similar beginnings. It all starts by signing up for one of the many SD websites. A profile is written. Stunning photos are uploaded. And then the fun begins.

For the first couple of days, the inbox fills up with emails from interested SDs. Replies are sent. Emails are exchanged and dates are set up.

There are so many POTs! The aspiring SB is elated.

It’s all good up to this point, but as every SB learns…the emails start to dry up after awhile if you don’t spring for paid, featured membership. The thing is, your profile no longer gets top mention, you’re no longer new news, and most SDs don’t have/make/take the time to go perusing through thousands of SB profiles to stumble across yours.

So what does the aspiring SB do? She keeps correspondence with the POTs that contacted her the first couple of days, hoping that one of them will “work out.”

Each of the POTs seem promising… ’til they’re not and then the aspiring SB is back at square one, feeling deflated, rejected and irked at the empty promises of the sugar world.

If you’ve been there before, know that you’re not the only one. And also know this: there is a better method to finding a SD.

You see – whereas seducing a SD is an art, finding a SD is a science. One that consists of an easy-to-follow, 3-step process.

Step 1. Cast a Wide Net

Success in sugar dating is hugely a numbers game – the more SDs you interact with, the higher your chances of finding the ideal arrangement.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is limit the range of SDs you have access to.

To cast your net as wide as possible, use both a passive and an active approach.

The passive approach is easily done:

  • Sign up for each of the best SD dating websites. The majority of them – like all but one – are totally, completely, 100% free for SBs so you have nothing to lose. Note: Don’t go too overboard and register for a dozen websites – it’ll be a full-time job keeping track of them and a lot of sugar daddy dating sites aren’t that great. Stick to just a few of the best ones.
  • Craft an awesome SB profile and post the same one on each of them.

Pretty much all the SD dating websites charge the men. For this reason, most SDs will sign up for just ONE sugar dating site and stick to it. But this doesn’t mean you have to – increase your access to every pool of SDs possible by making sure you sign up for all the best sugar dating websites. After all, why would you spend so much time writing the perfect profile for just one site when you can easily post it up to a few and double-triple-quadruple the number of SDs you can reel in?

Now as you let your profile(s) work for you, get to work yourself…

The active approach takes a little more time but is infinitely worth it:

  • Spend at least an hour a day searching the sugar dating websites for SDs who appeal to you.
  • Make the first move by contacting POTs with a short, interesting email.
  • Keep both quality and quantity in mind: Plan to contact as many promising SDs as possible in a short amount of time. Not all of them will reply. And not all of the ones who reply will work out. So the more, the merrier.

SDs are busy creatures. They often don’t have the time to browse through thousands of SB profiles to find the diamond in the rough – you. If you want to catch your ideal SD, plan to do much of the searching yourself. Don’t limit yourself to the pool of men contacting you – figure out what it is you want and go find him! This will increase both the quantity and the quality of POTs in your pool, making it easier for you to reel in a good catch.

Step 2. Keep Track of Your POTs

If you’re doing Step 1 right, you’re going to have a lot of POTs around. Your cup runneth over…and you’re going to need a method to keep track of them all.

Step 2 is all about organization. And no, that does not sound all that exciting, but it is a must-do.

You see, casting a wide net is super important but it is all in vain if you let the good fish slip through your fingers.

Keeping track of all the POTs you talk to lets you:

  • Weed out the undesirables – and make sure you don’t mistakenly waste time on them in the future
  • Chart your progress with the SDs who seem promising
  • Remember little details about each POT so you can build relationships with each promising POT
  • While at the same time, keeping your options way, way open so if one POT falls through, you still have a whole array of POTs to take his place

And it’s really not that difficult to do this. Just keep a “Sugar Log”, a simple Microsoft Doc or Excel Spreadsheet that you can record all your POTs on. You can make it look any way you want and add in whatever details are important to you.

Here is a rough example to help you get started:

You can add details like:

  • Name, screen name, profile links
  • Personal details: Occupation, Hobbies/Interests
  • Contact information
  • When and where you met and when you talked on the phone
  • Their preferred arrangement details and allowance range
  • A “Notes” section

The “Notes” section is the most important since it allows you to write freely on everything you’ve observed about a POT. We’ve found it to be the most useful tool in the sugar search. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about a person from one date or even a phone conversation when you have to write about it afterwards.

The more detailed the “Notes” section, the easier it is to pass on unappealing SDs and to keep track of POTs. We’ve been surprised to see how accurate some of our first impressions of POTs turned out to be.

Alan, the POT on the third row, has all his information crossed out because that’s an easy way to keep track of no-go sugar daddies without deleting their information (so you remember not to talk to them if you come across them again). The notes on him turned out to be spot-on. He was anal, supremely self-involved, and mostly interested in dating a SB who would hang on his every word and be very grateful for…dinner and his fantastic company. He was crossed out after the first date but continued to keep on calling for weeks, unable to understand how anyone could pass on him.

A well-kept “Sugar Log” can be the difference between a successful sugar search and a massive time sink.

Make one. Think of it as your little black sugar baby book. And no matter what – even if a POT seems so promising, he makes you want to ditch all the others – maintain your little black book.

Step 3. Rinse and Repeat

Keep searching. Keep going on dates. Keep recording all your minute observations on your “Sugar Log.” And keep on growing and maintaining your list ’til you find yourself in an ongoing sugar arrangement with a SD you like…

But even then, don’t let the list die out. Just do it part-time.