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Sebastian Stan + walk


Notes: This started as a joke that accidentally took three days to finish because it wouldn’t leave me alone. I’m almost sick of this guy’s face. (Almost!) I admit I had to skim some of these. (Spread, for example, is a truly rotten movie. I dare you not to skim it.) So I might have missed something, and you might have better info than me! Feel totally free to pass it along.

My original categories were “crying” (not tearing up, but actually shedding tears) “bloody” (open wounds or other blood) and “gay” (sex/kissing/other romantic contact with another dude); upon further review, however, he only actually cried in four titles (Law & Order, The Architect, Political Animals, and Kings). So: my new categories became “bloody” “gay” and “shirtless” (very important, self-explanatory). Kings still would have hit every last one of them. Kings has it all.

I counted all the Captain America stuff as a single title because it’s the same role. The titles I skipped (Red Doors, Rachel Getting Married, Gone, Black Swan) are extremely minor roles, save for Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding, which I could not stream/download for love or money. (It’s on Amazon for eighty-three dollars, what the fuck?)


  • He’s bloody and/or shirtless more often than not. The only roles where he wasn’t either were Law & Order, The Architect, and Spread.
  • In both Kings and Political Animals he played the son of the leader of a country, who was involved with another man that had to remain a secret because one guy was closeted, and in which the non-closeted guy committed/attempted suicide after the closeted guy broke it off. In Kings, he played the closeted guy, and in Political Animals, he played the guy who attempted suicide. In The Architect he was also half of a gay couple where one party attempted suicide.
  • In both Law & Order and Captain America: The Winter Soldier he played a kidnapped/captured sniper-assassin who is brainwashed into forgetting his former life.
  • Prior to his role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a Russian-associated super-assassin, he spent most of Hot Tub Time Machine running around in the snow yelling about commies.
  • A good portion of his filmography takes place in New York City (Law & Order, Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding, Red Doors, The Architect, The Education of Charlie Banks, Gossip Girl, Captain America), where (I think!) he currently lives.