gif: pls

be my tc soulmate

who wants to be my true crime best friend? we can talk about murderers and psychology until 3am (with focus on columbine, but not exclusively) every day with memes thrown in for good measure. pls apply within (my inbox) for inquiries. requirements are as follows: don’t be a jerk and also love dark themes and fucked up shit just as much as me. I HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU. 😚

ps. i am also very supportive

tomorrow after work I’m gonna:

-eat a snack

-fold my laundry

-make some yummy pasta

-scan some of the drawings I’ve done recently :)

hey uh so idk why 1,500 of yall follow me but thank you so much for thinking my blog was good enough that you wanted to hear from me 24/7 (cause I never leave) but yeah I’m super grateful cause that’s pretty awesome!! uhhhhh idk what to do so if anyone has like ideas to “celebrate” ig idk lemme know

Hey guys. I’m going to my aunt’s and uncle’s in a bit and because my cousin is not going to be there I’m going to be bored.

So like. Send me random stuff. Headcanons, drunk stories(!), talk about your crush, ask about Danish swears and I’ll give em to you. Anything. Thanks 💕