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Once a daisy turned into a rose. protecting myself from bitch ass hoes.

Im like the flower you won’t let die.
keep on watering and watering til i reach my high.

But when i reach my high you start to pick my petals.
keep pulling & tugging to distract my levels.

You made me empty but i know you know.
you would pick my petals just to stunt my growth.

As much as i wanted to stay strong i also needed you to know.
that just because you picked my petals that i would not grow.

You shadowed me blocking my sun.
the only thing that loved me other then the water you brung.

I was leaning over all bent to the side petals picked off & ready to die.

I saw a thorn in the mist of it all.
gave me the confidence to know that i would not fall.

My thorns are ready to be my guard.
you can’t pull me now cause you won’t get far.

Just because of you its thorns everywhere.
but someone will love me & nurture me again.

There is beauty in the struggle baby didn’t you know.
so without me your damned not to grow.

So go fuck with another flower & ruin her life.
because this plant right here is gonna enjoy life.

I don’t wanna be up under you anymore.
your just a big ass shadow that needed to go.

Once a daisy turned into a rose.
protecting myself from bitch ass hoes.


Give me what you know I neeeeeeeed @prettylights


15th May Copenhagen, Denmark-Basement 

16th May Aarhus, Denmark-Trøjborg Beboerhus

17th May Potsdam, Germany-Black Fleck

18th May Prague, Czech-007 Club

19th May Lodz, Poland-Klubokawiarnia Granda

20th May Krakow, Poland-Kawiarnia Naukowa

21st May Bratislava, Slovakia-Confirmed

22nd May Ljubljana, Slovenia-Klub Gromka

23rd May Parma, Italy-Confirmed

24th May Bologna, Italy-Freakout Club

25th May Geneva, Switzerland-L´Usine

26th May Lyon, France-Confirmed

27th May Toulouse, France-Pavillons Sauvages

28th May Barcelona, Spain-Ceferino

29th May Pasaia, Spain-Mogambo

30th May Madrid, Spain-Rock Palace

31st May A Coruña, Spain-A Casa Tomada

1st June Palencia, Spain Confirmed

2nd June Bordeaux, France-Heretic Club

3rd June Lausanne, Switzerland-SHOW NEEDED

4th June Paris, France-Confirmed 

5th June Brussels, Belgium-Confirmed

6th June Antwerp, Belgium-Confirmed

7th June Rotterdam, Holland-the Worm

8th June Rostock, Germany–JAZ Lindenstrasse

9th June Denmark-TBA

10th June Oslo, Norway-Blitz

11th June Stockholm, Sweden-DAY OFF

12th June Finland-Confirmed

13th June Finland-Confirmed

14th June Finland-Confirmed 

15th June St Petersburg, Russia-Confirmed

16th June Moscow, Russia-Dojd Major