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Percy: You’re going to ace this test.

Annabeth: [stressed out] You think that because you love me. And love has made you dumb.

Percy: I disagree. If anything, love has made me smarter. Remember last week when I boiled that egg?

Annabeth: That was big. I was really proud of you.

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%ya'll i want to write about their first date being in the underworld but only if there's interest lmao ---- YO I'M DOWN FOR THAT 🙌🏻❤️. You hcs give me life!!! 💕

eee messages like this make my day honestly :,) im sorry this is such a flop, im going through the worst writers blog and everything i right ends up crap—it really wasn’t worth the wait haha

  • you might be wondering how nico and will had their first date in the underworld of all places. their probably wondering the same thing as well to be honest with you
  • nico had a few errands to run in the underworld and obviously he shadow traveled to hades’ place just as will solace grabbed onto him, probably nagging about how he should rest first or get some kind of energy drink
  • for a second, they just kind of stare at each other, not knowing what just happened until will realizes he’s in the middle of hades’ place and almost looses his mind right then and there
  • nico is both trying to calm him down and also bickering with him about why he just had to do that right when he was about to shadow travel, but will isn’t listening and only trying to get familiar with his situation at the moment
  • in a few moments when the initial shock has subsided, his whole face just lits up in curiosity and he becomes all giddy and cute because the he’s obviously never been to the underworld and it’s all so cool
  • nico wonders if he’s in shock but will’s eyes are just searching the whole place, eyes setting on the thrones and all when persephone appears behind her own
  • will’s practically shaking nico at this point because “ohmygoditspersephone” and nico’s rolling his eyes because it’s persephone that their talking about and newsflash, they don’t get along very well
  • persephone’s scowl is quite strong, but she looks more confused than anything else and sighs, asking nico what the hell he’s doing here and why a terribly bright camper looks like he’s about to explode of excitement
  • nico mutters an explanation and introduces the two of them briefly. persephone is surprised about the son of apollo part, but she looks more excited now then anything else and asks will if he wants to see her gardens to which he replies an eager yes
  • nico’s going to roll his eyes to the back of his head at this point, but he tags along because he doesn’t want to ruin the eagerness on his boyfriends face. so they go to see her gardens and nico is mostly in the corner studying his sword while will and persephone gush about the different flowers
  • persephone takes a fondness of will and sneaks in a few herbs for him that makes a medical nerd like will beam. nico’s probably sleeping at this point and when persephone and will come back, will starts gushing to him about the different plants that they saw and their healing properties and nico’s not in a good mood because of persephone presence but he grins nevertheless cause he likes seeing will smile 
  • their greeted to hades when they return to the place, and will almost chokes on air and shrinks back a little bit, his face immediately becoming pale when he notices hades staring down at him, his eyes hinting at the slightest confusion as they drift between him, nico and persephone
  • nico groans. this is not how he wanted this to happen, but persephone catches on her husband about what’s going on. hades just looks at nico for a second before sighing and the two tag along to talk about the errands he came here for
  • afterwards, hades has nico and consequently will stay for dinner. will has never had a dinner in the underworld, obviously, so he’s kind of shuffling and awkward and suddenly he’s answering all of persephone’s questions quietly because of hades’ presence who has such a curiosity in his eyes and his gaze is hard on will
  • nico tries to understand the quiet conversation between will and persephone and what makes it so interesting before hades bluntly asks if they’re dating.
  • silence. a lot of silence. nico is pondering as to whether he should shadow travel away right now or stay frozen to his spot. the fear comes back to him at full force. it feels like the time cupid confronted him and he doesn’t want to be here in this situation right now with a pale face and a dry throat
  • but will just rests his hand on nico’s under the table and notices that he’s shaking so he swallows his fear and just says a blunt “yes”. hades looks between the two of them then and notices that his son looks like he’s about to pass out but he just nods and continues eating.
  • it’s extremely tense. persephone has just registered this fact and is just as confused at the totally opposite pairing, but she doesn’t care all too much because will is a cool kid who likes flowers
  • the rest of the dinner for the most part goes quite slowly and quietly and will’s hand won’t leave nico’s because he’s actually about to faint 
  • after dinner, nico rushes to leave with will and then takes will around the underworld because the kid is asking so much questions and eventually they come across cerberus, who nico is sure is going to terrify will, but will treats him like the cutest dog he’s ever seen and just starts baby talking and laughing at all the gross underworld dog slobber and cerberus immediately loves him
  • nico’s watching all of this in literal shock but he’ll take it as opposed to will being scared. as they walk along, sometimes glancing over the fiery pits beneath the “balconies”, will asks nico why he doesn’t seem to like persephone and he explains her jealousy of her mother and therefore her hatred of him
  • will is a bit disappointed at that, but persephone seems to like will and will likes nico so he’s hoping a connection can be developed there. he also comforts him about his father and nico just shrugs. will asks him if he wants to leave and nico says he does.
  • when they return, hades and persephone are waiting for them and hades asks nico if they can talk, immediately putting a pit in the boy’s stomach. but he tags along and puts a casual face on for will who looks a little worried but then persephone and him engage in the nerdiest conversation about how the two act like and ahhhh
  • hades and nico travel alongside the place, just walking at first until nico asks him if this is about will. hades is quiet for a second before giving a slight hum in reply and keeping his face quite nonchalant. nico stops in his tracks and so does his father and they both face each other.
  • nico breathes in and just closed his eyes as he looks at the ground and comments a very quite statement about how he can’t like girls like that and how he’s sorry. he doesn’t think he’s actually sorry, but he feels like he needs to be
  • for a moment, there’s nothing and nico is still wondering if he should just shadow travel away before hades, most surprisingly, puts a hand on nico’s shoulder and tells him that he’s proud of him. nico is in shock, but his shoulder relieve a little and the tears in his eyes threaten to pour out.
  • hades notices this and asks nico how he’s able to tolerate a son of apollo and nico laughs lightly and just a little and shrugs, trying to stop the blush on his face from spreading. hades almost smiles at the sight of his happier son
  • they talk a little bit about things, not all of which have to do with nico and will before nico realizes he has to go and the two of them return to the sight of persephone and will. nico looks happier, so will smiles as well and hades looks between the two of them before, gasp, offering his hand to will
  • will contemplates for a good, long second if he should take it or not before he hesitantly down and hades grip is cold but firm and will remember that he’s literally shaking hands with death at the moment. hades just nods at him and his eyes goes softer so will is able to relax just a little bit.
  • hades and persephone see the sight of their retreating backs before they disappear into the darkness. persephone looks up and notices that her husband has the slightest trail of smile on his face.

Bisexual trans man Percy Jackson stimboard

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  • Leo: what are you talking about,I'm like the backbone of this friendship group
  • Frank: you're like...the appendix of this friendship group
  • Frank: no one knows what you're here for
  • Percy: also prone to explode at any given moment
  • Annabeth: and a real pain to remove
  • Leo:
  • Leo: ...that's kinda true...hurtful, but true...

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Please do #39 for SolAngelo. Imagine this, Nico realizing he loves Will and freaking out because he's not good with trusting people. Then, the 7 (plus Reyna) try to pry it out of him how he's feeling and he panics and says bad things about Will, just to realize he was there listening. "How Long Have You Been Standing There?" "Long Enough" *cue heartbreak and Nico's redemption arc*

Nico di Angelo was scared. The king of ghosts, under world prince, emits a horde of the undead with a sneeze, was scared. He was scared because of one boy.

Will Solace.

Nico was scared because Will wasn’t like any other boy he had met. He was sweet, funny, he seemed to honestly care about Nico. He had this light to him when he walked, like he knew people were watching him, but he didn’t care. Nico wished he didn’t have to care, he wished he could trust people. That’s why he was scared.

Nico couldn’t trust anyone. Will probably was just a facade, like everyone else. The light was a fake, Will was just trying to lure Nico in when he smiled at the boy. That must be it.

But the pang in Nico’s chest wasn’t fake. It was very very real.

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