gif: pjo

Don’t think i don’t see you pjo/hoo folks reblogging that old Grace kids sketch. Because I do. And I gotta warn you, my consistency in drawing character faces for this series is non-existent so you kids who are following me for more of the same……………. sorry. :’)

That said, please enjoy this sketchy percabeth as thanks for that unexpected revival ♥


-“You have no power over me. I am the lord of spirits! The ghost king!” 

-“No.” Nico drew his sword. “I AM.”

So much time since i drew Nico! I had lots of fun with this one hope you all like it as well!

happy holidays to shadowhunting-halfblood! i was your exchange partner for the pjo secret santa dealie :> really enjoyed working on this for you :> you listed a whole bunch of ships and characters you like, so i hope you’re okay with me just choosing one pairing to draw (finals week, man :P) but anyway i hope you enjoy this and i hope you have a lovely holiday season as well!