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Movies Watched in 2015, 472/???; Judy Garland Review #3: Pigskin Parade (1936)

God love this movie, it really does try. In the same vein as La Fiesta de Santa Barbara, Pigskin Parade hurls comedy, sports and an awful lot of music violently at the audience, practically screaming “BE ENTERTAINED”. Occasionally, one is. I may be extremely biased, but Judy is the high point. She gets three songs to sell - and when that is only a small fraction of the musical entertainment provided, there just might be something to the assertion that this film is ever-so-slightly overstuffed - and sell them she does. Particularly given that this is the first film project requiring her to do likewise with spoken dialogue, she acquits herself very well on that score as well. When things aren’t too shrill and reliant on shouting for comic effect, Patsy Kelly and Jack Haley Sr (yes, the Tin Man) are also good fun as the constantly squabbling husband-and-wife football coaches. Astoundingly, Stuart Erwin, playing a melon-tossing hillbilly cum football star, was one of the inaugural nominees for Best Supporting Actor. Strange days.


Pigskin Parade (1936)

Judy Garland & Dixie Dunbar- “The Balboa”