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Okay, this may seem strange to ask, but could you write something a little sad and angsty about older Stone having a chance meeting with the first real love of his life and maybe they sort of reminisce about the early days before going their separate ways again? Doesn't have to be Y/N style. Thank you!

Winter, 1987

Stone couldn’t believe his luck. Out of all the guys at this party, she had chosen to talk to him. This beautiful brunette in a Led Zeppelin shirt chose him over Chris Cornell or Andy Wood. He had seen her walking towards him, and assumed she was trying to get past him to the booze. He moved over as she approached, and she grabbed a beer. Then she turned to him, and she actually spoke to him.

“You look like a choir boy,” she says to him. “Like, you know, if you got a hair cut. You have a cute, sweet face.”

Stone was shocked, not only by her boldness but her by her choice of words. He had been called cute by girls, but not even his mother called him sweet.

“I’ve never been Catholic though,” he says.

“Lucky you,” she replies.

“Are you Catholic?”

“I was when I was a kid.”

“So, do you make a habit of starting religious conversations at parties?”

“I make a habit of making conversation in general at parties. That’s kind of the point,” she smirks.

“All of this talk of church makes me want to go home though. You’re bringing on the guilt,” he jokes.

“Anyway, what’s your name?”

“Sophie Driver,” she answers with a smile, “and you are?”

“Stone Gossard.”

“That sounds fake,” she teases. “Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“Absolutely not,” Stone said. He realized he had sounded much too childish, and he felt himself blush.

“Good, so tell me about yourself Mr. Fake Name.”

She leaned against the counter, her blue eyes sparkling while he talked his head off at her. He was nervous, and he couldn’t quite make himself shut up. He wasn’t even sure what he was saying, but she was smiling and that’s all the mattered. They talked all night, and then when the sun rose he drove her in his beat up car to a diner for breakfast.

Present Day

Stone couldn’t believe his eyes. She was standing there, staring at him with the same shocked look on her face as he imagined he had. She walked across the coffee shop to him, he stands up to meet her.  How long had it been? 20 years? 22? She looked almost exactly the same. He was as nervous now as the night he had first met her.

“Stoney?” She almost whispered. He smiles. Before he can say anything she has him in a tight embrace. “It’s been so long,” she says.

“It has.”

They pulled away to look at each other.

“You look so great! I saw you a couple years ago in concert, but I mean you were so far away-”

“You came to a Pearl Jam show?”

“Yeah! I did!”

He imagined she would have avoided them for the rest of her life after how he fucked up. He offered to get her a cup of coffee, and she accepted. She sits down at his table. She hadn’t imagined she would be so happy to see him.

He comes back with two cups off coffee. He hands her one, and sits across from her. She asks him how he’s been, and he starts talking about touring and writing music. He avoids the topic of his marriage and his children, but she sees his wedding ring. She feels a pang of bitterness, but still she is happy he didn’t end up a fifty year old bachelor like she always feared.

He was so different looking now, but his mannerisms were still the same. He still did that silly grin she loved, and he was still very animated when he spoke. There was also a contentment. Stone was settled now, and confident in where he was in life. All he could think as he looked into her eyes was, “Oh, Stone. You fucked up.”

“Do you remember when we used to go camping with Jeff?” Sophie asks. Stone does remember, but probably not the things they should talk about over coffee…

Summer, 1988

It was a hot, sticky, wet weekend. Not exactly ideal for camping, but the three of them had agreed it would be nice to get out of the city for a night or two. Stone, Jeff, and Sophie borrowed two tents from Stone’s parents. They packed up Jeff’s truck, and they found an open area for them to be able to camp in. They spent the day hiking, and then when it got dark they sat around the fire. After sitting around the fire for a while with Jeff, Sophie nudged Stone.

“Can we go to the tent?”

“I’m not really tired.”

“Stoney, please,” she whines. Her eyes grow bigger and her lips get slightly pouty. He couldn’t resist her, and if he knew what she planned he wouldn’t want to.

They crawl into the tent, and Stone zips it closed. She sits cross legged  in the middle with an impish grin.

“What are you grinning at?” he asks her. He sits on his knees in front of her. Sophie pulls him into a deep kiss, her tongue grazing his bottom lip.

“Stone, I think it’s time for us to-”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, Stone. This isn’t my first time ever, you know? I mean we’re adults. And I like you a lot. Like a whole lot. Like-”

“I love you,” he blurts.

“Yes, I love you too!”

She does a silly little dance, and Stone laughs at her. Feeling like the luckiest guy on the planet. He pulls her into his lap, and they sink into a deep kiss. Stone couldn’t contain the urgent need he had for her, and luckily she was feeling the same. They begin undressing each other frantically. Once they’re completely naked, she kisses him before moving to straddle his waist.

She guides him to her entrance, and sinks onto his member. She begins rocking slowly, and Stone is scared he’s gonna completely fuck up their first time together because he doesn’t know how long he can last. He had waited so long for this moment. He grips her hips. He can’t take his eyes off her body moving against him. He pulls her against his body, and kisses her. He meets her thrusts. It doesn’t take long for them to both finish, and they’re a tangle of sweaty bodies.

Sophie curls against his chest, tracing small circles on his skin.

“I really do love you,” he says.

“I love you too, Stone.”


“Yeah, I remember camping with Jeff. That was the weekend you braided flowers in my hair and called me a pretty princess. Ever since then Jeff has called me Princess Stone. It’s kind of annoying,” Stone says with a small laugh.

“Oh yeah! I forgot about that. It was a good time.”

He smiles, “It really was. Jeff and I haven’t been camping since then.”

“So, anyway, I noticed you’re married,” she says.

“Yeah, I’ve been married for a few years now. I have three kids.”

She smiles, “That’s so great! I always knew you would make a good father.”

“I suppose it helped that I waited until I was a little older and less self involved.”

“Yeah,” she says.

“What about you?”

“No, not married. Nobody ever quite fit. I have a boyfriend though. We’ve been together for a few years. No kids either, but I have a nice cat and a dog. I’m pretty happy with that.”

“Good! I’m happy for you,” Stone says.

Considering how much she wanted to be a family for him, she couldn’t bring herself to say the words back. She was happy for him, but at the same time she was so bitter and so very…Heartbroken.

Spring 1991

“Sophie, I thought you understood this? I’ve got to go on tour. I’ve got to leave, and I don’t have time to get married and I don’t have time to deal with you moving to San Francisco. I can’t deal with having to choose between us having to become long distance or me moving to San Francisco too. I don’t know what to do about any of this anymore.”

“Stone, if you would get your mind off Pearl Jam for five seconds, we could fix this in one conversation. You keep brushing it off,” Sophie insists. She stands at one side of the counter, and him on the other. The counter wasn’t the only thing between them anymore. It seemed their were miles between them now.

“Honey, I am finally getting to do what I love with a band I can see myself with for a long time. ”

“Do you want me to turn down the job in San Francisco?” She asks finally.

“No, honey. I want you to do what you love.”

“Stone, I’m so happy for you. I am, but what about us? How do I fit into this equation with Pearl Jam now? If you don’t want to move with me, or even discuss it then where are we?”

“Well, we could relax. do what we’ve been doing.”

“Stone, why the fuck are you so scared to allow me to be important to you all the sudden? You’ve gone from being the most loving boyfriend I could ask for to treating me like a liability.”

He stared at her for a long time. Her blue eyes were so sad, and he was so scared of never seeing them again. She was beautiful, and she was smart. She was funny and talented. She didn’t need to fit in this equation. By forcing her to endure this life, he felt like he was caging a songbird.

“Sophie, I’m going to hold you down if we stay together.”

Sophie’s eyes welled with tears. Stone had to look away. He couldn’t stand it.

“What do you mean? Do you want to break up?”

“I don’t want to, believe me. I think it’s best to. I don’t want to be tied down while I’m trying to build a career, and you don’t need that either.”

“So, what you’re saying in a nutshell is you want to on tour and fuck other girls without guilt?”

“No, honey, I didn’t say that-”

“You pretty much did.”

She grabbed up her purse, and she left his apartment. He wanted to follow her, but he thought he did the right thing.

It took him years to get over her, and her him. He went from girlfriend to girlfriend, but none came close to her. Until one day, he decided that every girl didn’t need comparison to Sophie. None of them would ever hold a candle to her. She has her own special place in his heart, forever.

Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate these days. I was thinking about the history of this building and the Bowie history. So I started to think about that and my mind began to wander. It’s not a good…
So I haven’t really been talking about some things and I kind of… now it feels like it’s conspicuous because I lost a really close friend of mine, somebody who…(applause)

I’ll say this too, I grew up as 4 boys, 4 brothers and I lost my brother 2 years ago tragically like that in an accident and after that and losing a few other people, I’m not good at it, meaning I’m not…I have not been willing to accept the reality and that’s just how I’m dealing with it (applause starts)

No, no, no, no.

So I want to be there for the family, be there for the community, be there for my brothers in my band, certainly the brothers in his band. But these things will take time but my friend is going to be gone forever and I will just have to…

These things take time and I just want to send this out to everyone who was affected by it and they all back home and here appreciate it so deeply the support and the good thoughts of a man who was a … you know he wasn’t just a friend he was someone I looked up to like my older brother.

About two days after the news, I think it was the second night we were sleeping in this little cabin near the water, a place he would’ve loved. And all these memories started coming in about 1:30am like woke me up. Like big memories, memories I would think about all the time. Like the memories were big muscles.

And then I couldn’t stop the memories. And trying to sleep it was like if the neighbours had the music playing and you couldn’t stop it. But then it was fine because then it got into little memories. It just kept going and going and going. And I realised how lucky I was to have hours worth of…you know if each of these memories was quick and I had hours of them. How fortunate was I?! And I didn’t want to be sad, wanted to be grateful not sad. I’m still thinking about those memories and I will live with those memories in my heart and I will…love him forever.

—  Eddie Vedder about Chris Cornell (June 6 2017, London, England)