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Currently waiting for Zack to call people out

It’s not a fucking Panic! concert……….

You’re in a damn theatre you act like you’re in a theatre. 

You don’t fucking scream when people come out, yes its okay to applause but the way Raquel made it out to be in her tweet that wasn’t the case.

Also side note: when you stage door and a barricade it up usually the people right in front of the barricade and the people right behind them are going to be the only ones to meet the cast. If you’re not there, it’s not worth staying. 

If you go with the mind set that its a concert don’t fucking go at all. 

Also it’s extremely against the rules to film a Broadway show and if shared is considered bootlegging. 

Brendon deserves an authentic Broadway experience away from it being a concert.

y'all panic fans disgusted me at kinky boots tonight how dare you treat this like a fucking patd concert just because you’re thirsty as fuck for brendon it’s not a fucking concert you don’t scream for a solid minute when brendon comes out on stage because you’re RUINING the experience for everybody else. and stage door doesn’t mean climbing and hanging off of trees and lamp posts. sorry but y'all are the reason we can’t have a good thing

Regarding Kinky Boots....

What the hell? I’ve heard that people showed up in a panic merch (I don’t know for certain it’s true so take it with a grain of salt), that’s not okay. Broadway shows are not cheap, so don’t tell me you don’t have enough money to buy (or wear something classy) to a show like this. He said it has always been his dream to perform on Broadway so don’t ruin this for him. The screaming for 45 seconds aprox. Is also deplorable. It’s normal for when an actor to come on stage for there to be about 5-10 seconds of cheering, but not flat out screaming. Remember that you aren’t the only one in the theater, and a lot of people go there for a show, not Brendon. People will stare at you, they will complain, and they will look down upon you, as well as Brendon (Maybe I can’t speak for him). It’s a privilege to go to these shows, so please treat it as a show and with respect rather than a concert. 

Halsey was at the panic concert last night, spencer was at the panic concert last night, josh was at the one a couple weeks ago, josh was at their jimmy Fallon performance, the singer from pierce the veil was at their concert two nights ago, dallon and his family go to tøp concerts, halsey goes to tøp concerts

The alternative music industry is just one big happy family and it’s so pure

i love Brendon! At The Disco:

including the hit albums;
• a crush you can’t tour out
• petty. breakup.
• vices and please god ryan take me back
• too weird to retain its original members, too self-absorbed to break up the band
• death of a boyfriend (ryan this is your last chance i mean it this time)