gif: paranorman


so at leeli’s insistence, i’m, um, back? and with a bunch of quick doodles of a crossover that’s bandwagon left over two years ago! :D (oops?)

but anyway, i’ve been watching a metric ton of gravity falls, so dorky bromances it is

(also, dipper! don’t just go solving mysterious, ancient puzzleboxes you find lying around; you know better than that!)

  • Dipper: So your half ghost?
  • Danny: Yeeep
  • Dipper: does that mean your half dead?
  • Danny: Never thought about it like that, but yeah I guess.
  • Dipper: and your dateing the protector of the magical world who can also turn into a dragon?
  • Danny: Pretty much.
  • Dipper: Uh huh. I call bull shit.
  • Danny: Says the guy who has time traveled and has a crush on a guy who can see dead people.
  • Dipper: Touche.