gif: paranormal activity

You Are More Likely To Experience Paranormal Activity If You Expect To 

When you go looking for ghosts, you are already on edge and a little spooked. Excitement and fear fills your body as you attempt to see what cannot be seen. At that point, the adrenaline and anxiety will have you jumping at a mouse squeak. Things that are not paranormal will all the sudden be perceived as paranormal by you. So please, next time you go on a ghost hunt for whatever reason: Remain Calm And Think Rationally!! Try to debunk whatever you just experienced to the best of your ability, and please bring a camera to document and back up your claims. A camera will also allow others to attempt to debunk the experience. Don’t let your high hopes and excitement falsify evidence for you, paranormal activity is rare and you can wait for hours/days/weeks before getting a legitimate paranormal experience. Please think rationally!


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