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Feb. 9, 2017

I can waste my life away if it meant I’d find the truth eventually. I can lose everything as long as I find myself. I can break these wings, but you’ll never stop my mind from taking flight. I’ve been up all night. I’ve been sorry all day. I’ve been a fool for you. I’m still searching for gold on the blue ocean floor. I’m an hour away from where we last knew– I still trip over old news– lately my emotions are just bad news. I’m your local paperboy with my paper heart making paper art with paper people in my paper town with my paper frown and my paper crown.

Giovanni's "Lecture"
Ezio Auditore/Giovanni Auditore
Giovanni's "Lecture"

Ezio: Good morning, father.

Giovanni: Come with me.

Ezio: Is something wrong?

Giovanni: Do you think me blind and deaf, son? I know all about your fight with Vieri de’ Pazzi last night. And then this little visit to Cristina!

Your behavior is unacceptable! It… it…

It reminds me of myself when I was your age!

paperboy: an au

Ian Murray was always on time. He had the same routine every single morning since he was ten:

4:45 AM: Hit snooze.

4:47 AM: Hit snooze again.

4:50 AM: Turn the alarm off, due to yells of frustration from his mother in the other room.

5:00 AM: Shower, quickly.

5:15 AM: Change, brush teeth, and hope to God that he didn’t put his shirt on inside out.

5:20 AM: Head down the stairs, helmet in hand. Grabs a banana from the basket of fruit on the table.

5:25 AM: Run into his Uncle Jamie in the study, of whom informs his nephew that his shirt is, indeed, inside out. Again.

5:26 AM: Turning his shirt the right way, he thanks his uncle and heads for his bike.

Everything after this is subject to change.

Between 5:30 AM and 5:45 AM: Ian Murray turns the corner from his home to the shop where the newspapers are printed. Geordie, the printer, hands him the bag of twine-tied papers.

“Don’t do nothin’ stupid, mind,” He tells the young lad, every single day. “These papers here be expensive.”

“Of course, Mr. Geordie, sir,” Came young Ian’s reply.

Between 6:00 AM and 6:45 AM: You can find him riding his bright orange bike around the neighborhoods and subdivisions of Boone, N.C., delivering papers to those on the street. He passes a few dog-walkers here-and-there, a couple of kids getting into their cars for school. Some old men watering their plants or wives kissing their husbands as they headed for work. On the rare occasion he’d find a smiling face, he would smile back. Sometimes he’d even be offered a to-go cup of coffee or a muffin or a bottle of water. He always loved those people–the ones who didn’t see him as invisible.

7:00 AM: He heads for the subdivision called Simon’s Landing–the nicer of most of the subdivisions he has the pleasure of riding through–and delivers his papers to all of the houses.

7:30 AM: Ian, sure all his papers had been delivered, heads back for home, a 45-minute ride from his current location.

It’s here that our story changes, on the dawn of the twentieth of December 1982

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A character I had in mind after @dadarismus and I talked about Ludwig and Sophie. We wanted to develop the world around them a bit more and it’s actually very steampunk-ish.

So this little fella here is Philipp and he’s a 16 year old (sweetheart) boy living in an orphanage. Since the orphanagehas some money problems they decided to send some kids out as newspaper boys to get some extra cash.
Philipp here actually was (and still is) a bit TOO overexcited and got lost in a forest near the town. He later got help by Alex (an OC from Denny) and kinda started to live with him.