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panic! at the disco death of a bachelor tour CT // requested by @iwriteblogpostsnotsongs

  • Brendon: You know why I love Taylor Swift?
  • Dallon: Why?
  • Brendon: Wildest Dreams. It's like she wrote that for me about you.
  • Dallon: But that was written about Harry Styles, you know.
  • Brendon: Hmmm...Harry Styles? Is he the guy who hits himself over the head with a trash can before a Brobecks show? *Puts headphones back*

Every time I see a post about how Twenty One Pilots should replace someone in the Emo Trinity I’m like “No. Guys, you’re missing the joke”

If any of them were replaced the original joke of the Emo Trinity is totally lost. (And let’s be honest it’s more of the Classic Emo Trinity)

The Father: Fall Out Boy. Pete Wentz had a record label that allowed him to sign a lot of the bands that were popular around the time emo music was really mainstream. Most of those bands aren’t around anymore for whatever reason.

The Son: Panic! at the Disco. Ryan Ross sent a bunch of annoying messages to Pete plus Panic!’s demo and Pete listened to it and was like “damn this is actually good I need to make a record label so I can sign these guys” 

The Holy Ghost: My Chemical Romance. Not only are they probably the most iconic emo band to have ever released an album the joke started after they broke up. 

Anyway I think people have forgotten that being part of the Emo Trinity isn’t some honor a band or artist earns over time. It was literally a joke that turned into a nickname for those three bands and the joke only works with those three bands