gif: ouran live action

No, but like. Can you imagine waking up next to Kyouya one morning? Like, it was a rough night, you were both stressed, and all you wanted to do was sleep. You couldn’t get home until late, you two barley said a word as you stripped and collapsed into bed. You simply cuddled and felt the stress leave your body just from holding each other. 

You wake up the next morning and glance at him, still sleeping. His eyelashes lightly brush again his flawless cheeks, breath smooth and calm. The covers are pulled up to his shoulder. He turns his face towards you and a small smile breaks out on his lips, eyes opening. You two stare at each other, so in love and so content. 

He pulls you into his arms and rests his chin on top of your head and you two fit so perfectly together and just aiufhdjdas