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I bear good news for Once Upon a Time fans hoping that the introduction of Merida (played by Amy Manson) means we’ll at some point meet her royal ‘rents. This season’s ninth episode will introduce  Queen Elinor and King Fergus.
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Zodiac Signs as Once Upon A Time characters.
  • Aries:Captain Hook
  • Taurus:Zelena
  • Gemini:Peter Pan
  • Cancer:Ruby
  • Leo:David Nolan
  • Virgo:Belle
  • Libra:Emma Swan
  • Scorpio:Regina Mills
  • Sagittarius:Robin Hood
  • Capricorn:Rumplestilskin
  • Aquarius:Henry Mills
  • Pieces:Mary Margret

Any new faces coming to Once Upon a Time? — lilslim

Yes, and the newbie has a connection to Henry. “We’re going to meet Henry’s very first crush,” says EP Edward Kitsis. Since Kitsis also notes that Camelot is a place of love, I’m guessing his crush will hail from there, but TPTB are keeping tight-lipped. “It’s a character that we’re going to meet and we want it to be a surprise,” adds EP Adam Horowitz. “It’s fun to give Henry something new to play and deal with, and to really explore Henry as a boy who’s growing up and all the joy and pain of adolescence.”



CS + Fate

Dedicated to regular-jack-sparrow and smoakedpirate

I thought a long while on what to do for that one because there were so many possibilities to show that they are just destined to be together, but then I started to think of how fate is about getting to the place you are supposed to regardless of the way you take. Kinda in the same way that in the season 3 finale, although Emma changed things, her parents ended up saying the same things to each other as they were originally intended. So then I thought of the season 4 finale, in which our ship got the exact same thing when Emma interacted with Colin!Hook.

He came to rescue her as he used to, looked at her as he used to, teamed up with her as he used to, waited for her as he used to, missed a beat by her closeness as he used to, risked his life for her as he used to. Not the different scenario, or even his different “personality” could changed what was destined to happen when he was with her.

I personally believe that there are things in life that are just meant to be and things that are not. This is why I don’t believe in regret. It sounds like a cliche maybe, but I know that every path I took, even if it was the wrong one, was the one I was able to choose at the moment and that things happen for a reason. Hook and Emma are in each other’s fate and there is nothing that is gonna change that, not a curse, or a spell, or even an out of control darkness.

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