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4x23/5x01 vs. 6x01 aka we go from Killian and Henry standing on their own after Emma sacrifices herself to the darkness to Killian actually comforting Henry as she fights off some hooded figure.


6x01 / 4x01

Requested by @laschatzi

Sandra asked me to parallel between these two situations, and while I was happy do do it (as always), I was also sad that this parallel actually exists. Because as I was saying on my meta, it seemed like we were already past this point in their relationship.

But what I do want to talk about in this parallel is actually the reason behind Emma’s behavior here because as it turns out they were also really similar. The reason for her behavior on season 4 we learned two episodes later, when it turned out Emma was afraid of losing Hook (”everyone I ever been with is dead”), while here in season 6 she is afraid of losing herself (at that point she didn’t know it meant an actual potential death, but she was feeling lost there).

I think the bigger issue for both of these situations is Emma’s fear of not being in control over the situation, and so she behaves in a certain way that in a weird way gives her control. In season 4 by avoiding Hook, in her mind, it meant she had control over him staying alive. If he’s not with her, he isn’t in any danger. In season 6, if she denies there’s an issue, then it would miraculously go away and everything will be under control. 

Of course both situations are irrationals and this behavior is not really a mature approach, which is exactly why Hook’s faces at the last two gifs are saying it all. 

I know Emma would get to the point in which she is being honest with him over this, just like it happened in season 4. And I know although she put that perfect “everything is fine” face at the end of the episode, he wouldn’t buy it for long. I just want this moment to come as soon as possible, because Emma made a long way by now to be hiding behind a wall all over again.