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Hey sweetie ! Asking for your opinion on this. I'm not sure I understand why people say Louis is the leader of 1D and that he made what 1D is/was today. Is it because he wrote most of the songs on the last album ? (Liam did too). Like I saw some posts saying that it's partially thanks to Louis that Harry, Niall and Liam are "free" today. In interview I definitely saw that he was kind if a leader for the boys. But how come it is too for business.

Hi there!

We know from several sources that the boys were supposed to have individual, preconceived images that distinguished them as archetypes of a boyband (similar to how the Spice Girls each had a “handle”).

The Sony hack basically confirmed these shallow, idealized, patronizing images that included a description of Harry as “adorably slow.”

The consensus is that Louis, being the oldest, and the member w/ the most experience in the entertainment industry, had influence over the boys in their dealings with management. After 2011, it was increasingly clear that Simon Cowell had a vision of One Direction as a typical boy band that would 1. never evolve musically, and 2. never develop an audience outside of their base.

This is not a crazy fan theory. It was confirmed by Ross Golan’s interview of Savan Kotecha, who co-wrote WMYB.

The interview, which came out earlier this year, confirmed a lot of fan theories about the restrictions the boys had in their musical creativity, and their conflicts with the songwriters hired to write their music.

I discuss it further here, if you’re interested.

So the upshot is that Savan Kotecha lost his job because he could no longer argue against Louis Tomlinson. Many of the writers subsequently had to deal with a more empowered One Direction because of this struggle.

Personally, I believe that what we learned about the boys’ creative struggle is a “canary in the coal mine” about their interactions with management.

Louis is outspoken, not easily intimated, and not afraid of conflict. The other boys, in contrast, do not engage well with conflict. You see how, in interviews, they shy away from questions that are at all challenging, and their body language reflects their unease. Sometimes it can be detected in written interviews too.

Harry has dealt with this by seeking new management and breaking old ties as soon as he was able to. Liam and Niall went to different labels. Zayn also went to a different imprint (RCA) under Sony.

The impact of the loss of Simon’s Syco empire cannot be overstated. It wasn’t just that he lost control to Sony (and in effect owns only 10% of Syco) but that the value of the company dropped from multiple hundreds of millions of pounds to about £60 million when it lost One Direction, and failed to develop another comparable act.

Louis’ signing with Syco is not any different than signing with Sony. Syco is majority-owned by Sony.

What Louis has been going through professionally since July 2015 (which was when Syco’s shares were sold to Sony) is a coordinated effort to destroy his career by 1DHQ. It’s revenge.

What 1D-related media (The DM, The Sun) print about the boys is also very telling. These stories paint Louis as a negligent father, a bad friend, a low-classed, talentless hack, etc. Their agenda is to destroy Louis Tomlinson’s career.

Louis is, as you point out, the 1D member with the most songwriting credits.

The influence of 1DHQ is fading, in my opinion. Louis is making new music. There’s evidence that he has written with the best songwriters at Warner Chappell and elsewhere. Outside of any reputation of “being difficult to work with” (he has strong opinions about songwriting, I have no doubt), Louis is a $multi-million brand. Industry bigwigs are not going to ignore him; they’re not going to turn down a chance to work with him, if he is free and available. He has a ready-made fanbase, and his songs are going to sell, no matter what, just like his band mates’.

One other thing: John Ryan still works for U.K. X-Factor. It’s a source of good income for him. Interpret that how you will.

Here’s to hoping for happier days.

Hope that helps.


Do you have that one musician or actor or any celebrity for that matter, that you can say saved you.
Whether you were just having a really bad day, or you are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts and something of theirs just caused a shift for you.
They are the reason you are still standing today.

As much as you liked sleeping over at Harry’s lavish studio apartment, nothing was better than sleeping at your own place in your own bed. (Harry’s bed had a million and one pillows on it and they took up 99% of the mattress which wasn’t very fun.) Of course, you wanted to spend more time with Harry and what better way to do that then for you to move into his place? You considered it at first, but then you couldn’t stop thinking about how much your tiny apartment meant to you and… Well, that’s how you ended up in this situation. 

“Harry! Whole Foods didn’t have any more of those kale chips left so I picked up a bag of normal chips instead.” You kicked your shoes off and tossed your keys into the glass fruit bowl sitting on the counter before looking around your apartment. Something was off, but you couldn’t tell what it was… “Harry?” You and Harry were now two weeks and a bit into the whole ‘I’ll come over to your place for one weekend and you can come over to mine during the next’, and Harry really seemed to like it! (“Your apartment is adorable, love.”) 

“In the bedroom!” You set the bag of groceries down on the couch before making your way over to your bedroom, smiling lightly at the sight of Harry standing by the door with a wide grin on his face. 

“What are you up to?” You hummed, giving your boyfriend a quick kiss before trying to peek into the bedroom over his shoulder. 

“I did a little redecorating while you were gone! Close your eyes fo’ me, please.” 

“Did you put my One Direction posters back up?” You joked, Harry scowling at you before taking your hands and placing them over your eyes. 

“I’d prefer not to have Liam smiling at me while I’m fuckin-” 

“Show me what you did, Harry.” You interrupted, your cheeks flaring at the memory of Harry not being able to focus because whenever he looked up he’d see a grinning Liam looking right at him. 

“Okay, you can look now!” You opened your eyes and- 

“Oh my…” Your room looked completely different now due to the various Harryesque items hanging on the wall or sitting on the bedside tables. “Wow.” 

“I brought some stuff in! Figured it’s only fair cos you left some of your things at my place too.” Harry hummed, letting you in for a proper inspection. 

“Harry, the only thing I left was a toothbrush.” 

And your science textbook.” 

“It’s a textbook and a toothbrush! You brought your entire room into my apartment!” You laughed lightly, pointing to the vinyl record of his album pinned to the wall. 

“Look here, though!” Harry tugged you over gently towards the bedside table, your heart fluttering at the sight of a picture of you and Harry, ‘home’ etched into the bottom of the picture frame. It didn’t matter if Harry completely renovated your apartment. (Okay, maybe it sort of would. You liked your apartment the way it was, but you’d let Harry do anything as long as it made him happy.) As long as you were with Harry, you were at home. 


cheesy ending i kNow

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Harry Styles - “Office Flirt”

So @blueeyedsoulme and I were having a chat about working in an office and just jobs in general and then it turned into imagining someone like Ed Sheeran or Harry working in an office. It ended up in a full on swapping of ideas for what Harry would be like in an office job. We both began to fangirl so much over picturing our ideas that I decided to write it. Enjoy!

Harry Styles was the talk of the office. He always had been. He was funny, smart, attractive and a complete flirt. He was that guy that had every girl in the office wanting him and every guy wanting to be him. He would have several of the girls huddled together a distance away from him, whispering about the unique and slightly ostentatious pattered pants, silk shirts and multiple gaudy rings on his fingers. He loved every bit of the attention as he was a self proclaimed narcissist. 

He would ask female co-workers to join him for lunch, shoot the group of giggling women a smirk causing them to break into a round of whispered giggles. He lived for it all.

There of course was one person in the office seemingly unaffected by his charm and good looks. There was no denying that he was attractive but for whatever reason you didn’t seem to care. And that drew him to you even more. At first he thought he was drawn to you because of your lack of care towards him but he quickly realized it was something more. 

He was attracted to you, your smile, your drive, your dedication to your job and that office. You were beautiful and he wanted to be close to you as much as possible. 

He was acting like a teenage boy in love. He would take the long way back to his desk just so he could pass yours and take in how you looked that day, the way you wore clothes that flattered your figure and brought out the gorgeousness of your eyes and how focused you were on your task at hand, making sure it was done to perfection. 

He would make sure to take the seat beside you as often as possible in staff meetings. He was caught up in you and wasn’t sure how to go about letting you know that, if he even should. The lunch dates with other co-workers was just a past time. He never did anything more but flirt, no matter how much they all but begged him for more. 

“Hey, Y/N,” He stepped up to your desk early one Monday morning. He leaned his hip against the side of your desk, looking down at you, attempting to draw your attention to him but your eyes stay focused on the monitor before you. 

“Hey,” You would answer back, still not looking up at him. 

“Anything fun happen over the weekend?” He questioned, hoping to strike up a full conversation with you but all you did to show you were listening was glace up at him before turning to a stack of folders beside you, studying the information printed on it. 

“Not really,” You eventually answered before you finally turned towards him, swiveling a bit in your chair. You look up into his green eyes but again, he notes how unaffected you seemed to be. “Finished a book from my seemingly never ending stack.” You answered, giving a shrug. You then turned back to your monitor and Harry knew the conversation was over as you didn’t make an attempt to ask how his weekend was. Not that he did anything much, but he would have still talked about it anyway. 

“Okay, well…” He stood up straight and decided to call it finished and head back to his desk. “Have a good day.” He turns then, grimacing a bit at what you surely thought was an awkward conversation and took a few steps towards his desk that was across the large open space. 

“Oh hey, Harry!” His heart skips a beat when you call after him. He turns back immediately, noting the group of girls standing a few desks over, eyeing the interaction but offers them no sign that he cared. 

“Yes?” He questions, giving you a small smile. 

“I accidentely grabbed these from the printer when I got my things earlier, they are yours, right?” You hold out a small stack of papers that Harry had in-fact printed out earlier when he saw you heading for the printer. He had planned on meeting you over there to to strike up a conversation but got held up by the boss coming over to ask what was going on with a certain client. 

“Oh yeah, righ’, thanks.” He grabs for them and you turn back to the computer after offering him a smile. He sighs and heads back to his desk, feeling a big dejected. 

It was a few days later, after a few more short encounters, that he finally decided to make an actual move and make sure you were aware of how he felt. He went to Starbucks that was next door, ordering the drink you got every morning - yeah, he had memorized your order. Was that creepy? Possibly, but he hoped you would see it as a kind gesture anyway. 

He saw you there when he walked in, drink in hand, seated at your desk already. You were pouring over a file, a small crease formed between your brows as you also bit at your lower lip. He came to a halt a few steps away from your desk, his heart beating rapidly against his ribs as he thought about what he intended to say. He finally took a few deep breaths, building up the courage to do this. 

He simply places the drink beside your keyboard and waits for you to notice. When you do, you turn towards him, a frown on your face as you glance down at it. 

“What is this?” You question. Harry, or anyone in the office for that matter, had never gotten you coffee.

“You’re favorite.” He comments with a small shrug of his broad shoulders, offering you up a smile. 

“Oh,” You noted how he had in fact gotten you the correct order. You were slightly flattered as you reach for it but also more so confused. “Thank you.” You take a sip of it then. “Why, though?” You ask him, eyeing him over the rim of the cup as you take another drink. 

“I wan’ to talk to you about somethin’.” He reveals, moving a stack of papers from your desk to take a seat. You eye him cautiously, not sure what he was getting at. 

“And what is that?” You look up into his green eyes, feeling yourself needing to suddenly take a deep breath of air as you got short of breath. You wondered what he had to say and why you could basically feel the nerves radiating off of him. Harry was always so confident with the other girls in the office, you saw how he was with them, had seen him flirting with them and having lunch with them, making them laugh and giggle. He had even asked you to lunch multiple times but you had said it was going to be a working lunch that day and simply couldn’t. You didn’t want to just be another one of those girls he flirted with, that just wasn’t you. 

“Come to lunch with me today.” You sigh but he continues on. “I know, I know, I’ve asked before and you don’ wan’ to, but I’m no’ askin’ you like how I do anyone else in the office. ‘m askin you because I wan’ to spend time with you, I wan’ to ge’ to know you. I like you, Y/N, I mean truly like you.” 

“Harry,” You shake your head, giving yet another sigh. “Even if you like me more than how you like the other girls, I don’t want to get involved with the office flirt.” Harry knew he deserved that reputation. There was no reason to deny such a thing, that’s what he was. 

“I told you, it’s no’ like tha’ with you.” He tries assuring you but he could still see the hesitancy. “Okay, jus’ one lunch with me. Give me the chance, at least to ge’ you to see it.” You sigh then, staring up at his face, seeing that he was seemingly being completely sincere. 

“You’ll stop flirting with everyone if I agree to go to lunch?” You question. Maybe not seeing him constantly flirting with every girl he passes would help you see he did have feelings for you. Maybe. You did like him, you were attracted to him, and he was sweet and funny, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to maybe do this with him. 

“O’ course. It will jus’ be you.” You give him a smile then, seeing his face light up with hope at the sight of it. “You’ll go with me?” 

“I mean,” You shrug. “You seem pretty sincere so I’ll give you a chance. I’m not promising anything serious but we’ll see how it goes.” He grins then, that adorable boyish grin that actually made a flutter happen in your chest. 

“So how abou’ dinner tonigh’ instead?” He questions, it turning to a slight smirk but you laugh and shake your head as you stand from your chair. 

“We’ll start with lunch, don’t push it.” You tell him but offer him a smile. “And then we’ll see about dinner.”

“I’ll take wha’ I can ge’.” You give him a small smile, shaking your head. What had you just gotten yourself into? Whatever it was, you were excited for it. You smack him playfully on the chest before you turn and walk away, turning back to shoot him one last grin, seeing him still smiling widely. 

Many girls had gotten lunch with Harry, but this was more than that, you felt. This was somewhat of an actual date, Harry had feelings for you. And the idea made butterflies flutter in your stomach.
And The Writer Is: John Ryan

John Ryan is a songwriter who co-wrote on nine of One Direction’s singles. Ross Golan, the interviewer, also wrote with One Direction, and co-wrote “If I Could Fly.” This is the same podcast Savan Kotecha gave his interview on.

Ryan’s interview sheds further light on the writing process of One Direction songs. In addition, one gets a glimpse of bts song production and the atmosphere of touring.

As the band got more famous, security was tightened, and there was increasing scrutiny of their individual movements.

It made me think of Harry’s lyrics, “I can’t touch what I see,” and “We’re not who we used to be.” Their fame gradually became a cage.

Ryan also talked about how Julian Bunetta oversaw production so that there was a cohesive “sound” on each album– down to the details of using the same synth, the same percussion.

I thought about the difference of each song on Harry’s album. He must have been thinking about these various sounds for a long time. The production on “Harry Styles,” done with a deft and unifying professionalism, still allowed the expression of a lot of different rock sounds– glam, stadium, folk, garage. All of these are outside of the 1D spectrum.

And finally, Ryan talked about how the audience of 1D was the first to appreciate how the band was maturing as musicians, how their sound “pivoted.” He made the comparison to The Beatles and their song “Revolution.”

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I bet harry is so good at eating pussy. Bet he loves it too. He'd look so fucking hot between your thighs, tongue working against you and his mouth and chin covered in your wetness. He'd get so into it as well start off with quick flicks over your clit and end up with deep broad strokes all over your pussy, fucking his tongue inside of you when he wants to. And he'd love it when you pulled at his hair and begged him not to stop and his hands would hold down your hips until you came against him

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I found this photo on Meghan Trainor’s instagram. And it really does represent the situation right now.

As I know, one of the victims that had tragically passed away yesterday was not only an Arianator, but also a Directioner, a Mixer and a Harmonizer as well.

So this goes beyond just Ariana and her fans, it’s now all the other fandoms as well, since this happened at one of the special events where artists and their fans get to know each other better.

I’m sending my love and support to everyone, not just the ones involved but the ones who have nothing to do with this. The world relies on us to speak up and spread love.

Stay strong my loves. Please share if you find your fandom and want to send love and support to other fandoms.

Pedido: Faz um do Louis que ela só ficou com ele é engravidou, mas ele leva a filha e a esposa para conhecer ela! Final feliz - Anônimo

*Aqui nesse link vocês podem ver quais e a ordem que em os imagines vão ser postados, se o seu não estiver na lista é porque infelizmente não chegou, vou estar sempre atualizando a lista*


Imagine do Louis.

Estou com graves problemas.

Eu tenho um melhor amigo, Louis, sou completamente apaixonada por ele, sempre fui, nos conhecemos no ensino médio e cursamos juntos a mesma faculdade. Cerca de um ano depois da nossa formatura ele e eu nos separamos, mas nunca perdemos o contato. Quando ele voltou e nos reencontramos foi um dos dias mais felizes e tristes da minha vida.

Fiquei feliz porque ele voltou para perto de mim.

Mas fiquei triste porque ele voltou casado e com um filho.

Depois que passou dois meses da chegada do Louis em Londres, ele brigou com a mulher dele e veio para a minha casa, ele estava fora de si e eu naquele momento faria tudo para ajudar ele. Foi quando Louis me prensou na parede e me beijou, ele me beijou com tanta vontade que eu me esqueci de tudo e ali mesmo na sala do meu apartamento eu tive a minha primeira transa com o homem da minha vida.

Agora vem a parte terrível, passou alguns dias da nossa noite e Louis voltou a ficar de bem com a mulher, e três semanas depois eu descobri que tinha ficado grávida dele. Uma tristeza enorme me abateu, como eu ia contar para ele e SE eu ia contar para ele. Talvez eu devesse dizer que o filho não era dele, afinal eu posso muito bem bancar uma criança sozinha.

Hoje eu recebi uma ligação do Louis, ele disse que ia vir aqui em casa me apresentar a mulher e o filho dele que eu ainda não conhecia porque eu queria certa distância deles, mas agora, não tenho mais como fugir desse encontro.

Mesmo estando abatida, eu me arrumo lindamente e espero eles chegarem.

Escuto a campainha tocar e me levanto e abro a porta, vejo Louis segurando um bebe no braço e do lado dele tem uma mulher loira que logo de cara já não gosto.

- Boa noite, (S/n), finalmente você vai conhecer minha família – Louis diz com um sorriso no rosto mas percebo que seus olhos estão opacos e sem vida, acho tudo muito estranho.

- É um prazer, entrem – Falo me afastando e eles entram.

- (S/n) essa é a minha mulher, Kate – Louis diz e eu dou um sorriso forçado e ela aperta minha mão.

- Prazer em conhecer você (S/n) – Ela diz e eu apenas balanço a cabeça.

- E esse aqui que está dormindo é o pequeno Henry – Ele diz sorrindo e eu fico encantada com o jeito que ele olha para o filho dele. Eu quero que ele trate o nosso filho assim. E com esse pensamento eu tomo a decisão de contar para ele que estou grávida.

Durante a visita de Louis eu consigo notar que ele está distante da mulher, isso me dá forças.

- (S/n) onde fica o banheiro? – Louis pergunta e eu indico o local.

Fica um clima estranho entre eu e a mulher dele depois que ele saiu, mas eu contorno isso saindo do local para buscar a sobremesa.

Depois que eles foram embora, eu consigo respirar fundo e começo a pensar em como irei contar para o Louis da minha gravidez.

Dois dias depois, enquanto eu estou na cozinha preparando meu jantar, eu escuto a campainha tocar.

Abro a porta e vejo Louis parado me encarando.

- Olá – Ele diz.

- Louis, o que faz aqui? – Pergunto.

- Eu esperei por dois dias – Louis diz entrando na minha casa e fechando a porta.

- O que? – Respondo confusa.

- Eu esperei por dois dias você me contar que está grávida de mim – Louis fala e eu entro em choque, mas como?

- Mas… como … – Falo gaguejando.

- Quando eu fui no banheiro naquele dia eu entrei no seu quarto e vi um ultrassom em cima da cama e lá mostrava uma gravidez de um mês, exatamente um mês atrás eu lembro que nós dois fizemos sexo – Louis diz se aproximando de mim.

- Louis, por favor – Falo colocando a mão no peito dele.

- Porque não me contou? – Ele diz segurando meus pulsos e me aproximando mais dele.

- Como eu poderia? Você tem uma família, tem uma mulher que te ama e um filho lindo e adorável, como eu poderia estragar a vida de vocês assim? – Pergunto e minha voz falha.

- Minha família está acabada, o que só me importa é o pequeno Henry, minha família é você, sempre foi você – Louis diz me abraçando pela cintura.

- O que? – Pergunto.

- Kate me traia e o pequeno Henry não é o meu filho, mas eu amo ele sempre irá ser meu filho do coração, mas você (S/n) eu sempre te amei desde a época do ensino médio, aquela noite em que tivemos foi o meu desejo que falou mais alto, eu sempre quis ser mais do que um melhor amigo, eu te amo e amo ainda mais essa criança que é tanto sua como minha – Louis passa a mão pela minha barriga carinhosamente.

- Louis eu te amo também – Falo pulando no colo dele e o beijando apaixonadamente.

- Não se preocupe, pedi o divorcio assim que eu sai da sua casa depois da nossa noite de amor, Kate não será um problema para nós, eu quero construir minha família com você.

Espero que tenham gostado, se sim, deixem uma ask me contando

*Os favoritos são importantes, então se gostou deixa seu fav lindo aí ;D