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Prompt: A Jack Smut!!

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Warning: Fingering, smut, curse words, idk man!

Word  Count: 896

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Date Night ~Jack Wilder~

Prompt: Being married to Jack {taking care of him when he gets sick on date night}

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Word Count: 400

Warning: it’s short, it sucks, i hate it, it’s the best I got…

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Dylan Rhodes would make sure that people wouldn’t slam the doors or yell so loud, so that Jack would not be triggered into a panic attack

Dylan Rhodes would make sure that Henley knows that she is valued and respected and is no longer considered just an assistant

Dylan Rhodes would make sure Daniel always has a place to stay or will be there if Daniel has a nightmare and needs someone to talk to

Dylan Rhodes will always be there for Merritt when he starts feeling depressed of his past filled with betrayal and failure

Dylan Rhodes makes sure that no one in his department at work would treat Alma or any woman differently just because they’re a female in a male-dominated field

Dylan Rhodes is the ultimate papa-bear who makes sure that everyone around him will be comfortable, respected, and loved so that they don’t have to face those demons they used to have to fight alone