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god, the sequel trilogy’s narrative may be fucked up but the new characters it gave us are still great and don’t deserve this

finn is easily the most compelling and unique character in the entire star wars mythos like, there’s never been a character quite like him before - a character who is just so fundamentally and unchangeably good that not even years of conditioning can change him

rey having to grow up too quickly in a harsh environment but still possessing a certain childlike wonder and genuine reverence for living things was really lovely to see in the force awakens. there’s a real softness there beneath the tough exterior, but she also understands the burden she carries

poe is excellent as a symbol for the resistance and all that it stands for - this is the dude who says stuff like “as long as there’s light we got a chance”? who tf just fuckin says that. the resistance is about being a beacon of hope and poe really embodies that

even rose, whose character was completely butchered, could’ve been an insight into the nameless and downtrodden, characters in this universe who don’t think they can make a difference because they aren’t heroes in the way people like Luke Skywalker are, but they find out that anyone can make a difference and be a hero

the sequel trilogy really has it all in the way of characters and potential storylines but sadly, even great characters can’t thrive in a shitty narrative, under bad writers who don’t know how to take advantage of the good things they have


Scotney Castle, Kent, England by Tewkes.

Things NTs say/do when they start developing feelings for someone:

“What is this completely illogical sentiment which seems to be utterly impertinent to solving the current matter at hand?”

*googles how to turn off feelings*

“I do not comprehend.”

ENFP: “You can’t shut off your feelings forever.”
NT: “Watch me.”