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And I’ve patched up some lines that were bothering me during the coloring process, namely any lines that were too light.

…Oh, and the amount of stripes on her pants too; they shifted after the first eight frames originally. This resulted in me retouching the lines and rescanning the pages before I could go any further.

It’s amazing, cuz like, this only happened because, from what I’ve seen of the anime so far, she didn’t have any moments of her jumping or dancing for me to mask. Figured I’d just have to draw her doing it, but I’m surprised I got it done this soon, despite not having any prior experience to traditional hand drawn animation outside of flipbooks in middle school.

Guess all that time of making flashpoops amounted to more than what I ever anticipated!

Things NTs say/do when they start developing feelings for someone:

“What is this completely illogical sentiment which seems to be utterly impertinent to solving the current matter at hand?”

*googles how to turn off feelings*

“I do not comprehend.”

ENFP: “You can’t shut off your feelings forever.”
NT: “Watch me.”

INTJ Things
  • Getting adrenaline rush from solving problems
  • Silently judging everyone
  • Love for studying
  • Being that one smart kid in the class that all teachers love
  • Social awkwardness
  • Adjusting your behavior and responses depending on who you are talking to
  • Loving your alone time more than people
  • Being able to improvise quite well, but sticking to your plans to play it safe
  • Ending up doing all the group work on your own, because everyone else just wastes time chatting and procrastinating
  • Not caring about your emotions to the point that most people stop caring about them too
  • A good book and a cup of tea is much better than any social event
  • Being somewhat afraid of failing at every single thing you do
  • Being a nerdy weirdo
  • Love for stationary
  • Mastering new skills very quickly
  • Being a bit old-fashioned
  • Being lowkey afraid of your emotions, because others might use them against you
  • People have high expectations of you
  • Having deep knowledge in many topics
Digitei esse pequeno texto, de um momento real com Deus, porque senti no coração de que alguém precisava ler isso. 🌸

Um dia, em uma conversa com Deus, questionei sobre minhas feridas. Disse a Ele o quanto estava exausta de transbordar doçura e colher espinhos dos outros. De me entregar ao próximo de corpo e alma, saber lidar com os defeitos alheios, cuidar de alguém a ponto de se importar em medidas grandiosas, e o retorno, quando há, ser pela metade, de uma forma sem paciência e com profundo desamor. Decidida, no meio da conversa, afirmei que mudaria. Me tornaria fria, seca. Blindaria-me, e só seria capaz de ter o meu lado bom quem lutasse para isso. Prometi a mim mesma. Consegui? Não. Depois de 30 minutos apos a conversa lá estava eu, tratando alguém com todo o amor que existia em meu ser. E aí, ouvi uma voz que me disse a seguinte coisa: “Não é porque você vive em um mundo endurecido, que você tem que ter um coração de pedra. Eu te escolhi para ser extensão de amor em um mundo sem amor. Não adianta fugir. Eu te projetei assim. Entretanto, não duvide de uma coisa: você tem semeado amor e os frutos serão gerados. Espere. Confie. Tudo o que faz e tem que suportar valerá a pena.”

TEIXEIRA, Naihana.