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My family’s said to me from the beginning, ‘People are always going to tell you to pick what you want to be when you grow up. You take that and throw it out the window, that’s garbage. People are complicated and we love many things and we’re passionate about many things. You can be a human rights activist and also be doing these comedy plays in your community and that’s OK. All those things are a part of who you are and you can love them equally.

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Such a dork question lol but have you met all the actors on New Girl? Are they all nice?

Of course! They are super nice, funny and so down to earth. Like, you can go to Max, ask him a question and you end up talking to him for 30 minutes. And he doesn’t mind it. Everyone else is also like that. :)


Just realized Lamorne sent us a DM on twitter asking us to share this (and thanking us for our support)… how could we ever say no?


Megan “bitch-face” Fox, vs “sweet, innocent blondes next door.”