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Get To Know Me - [2/5] Yandere Characters: Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts

This world that Lacie loved so much…I will let it sink into the Abyss! So that Lacie who has become one with the Abyss… won’t have to be lonely ever again.“ (insp.)

“I love it when I catch you looking at me, then you smile and look away.” Finn deliberately brushed against you as he passed by. Your cheeks are undoubtedly flushed, a hue of either rose or scarlet leaking into your cheeks. He had caught you several times glaring at him during his workout; I mean who doesn’t look at him, he is a god. You chose to always keep your distance between the both of you as you were convinced this was simple flirtation, but you think otherwise after picking up on what he said to you. He sounded so. . . . . . . SERIOUS, not flirtatious in any way. Or was it maybe that he resented my constant nagging. But if he resented it, he wouldn’t have said that he liked it. These thoughts are harassing your mind, overworking your brain; generating a headache. ”You are overthinking it y/n.” A familiar voice interrupted your thoughts.”What I meant to say earlier was that I find your staring adorable. I don’t mind really. I’m quite used to people staring at me all the time, you know because of my abs.” Finn clarified.(gosh he is even hotter when speaks with his fluent accent)You giggle as that is the main reason you stare at him.”Okay, so I promise that I will try not to stare as much and will try my best to resist temptation because the last thing I want is to make you feel uncomfortable.” You laugh, your cheeks burning as your smile stretches out.”Sounds like a plan.” His smile literally makes your legs feel like jelly. As you make your to the lockers, Finn brushes against you again; his lips caress your ear.”Now the real question is how will I will be able to resist temptation every time you wear those sexy shorts that flaunt your ass and that sports bra that exposes those breath taking tits.” Finn caught you off guard. You can literally feel your heartbeat down in between your thighs. Oh wait, that is just you clenching your pussy.“You don’t.” You wink at him, not comprehending where all this fearlessness is coming from.