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I'd just like to say. I feel so attacked that I can't find anything on Tumbles about BtoB LUV, like that is some good shit. THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD MASTERPIECE. LIke I just need some gifs :'(

auntie nellie as The l.u.v enthusiast gotchu 💕

Since it is your big I-took-my-first-breath-today-day I wanted to give you a little sumfin!!! (I sure hope I got the date right?? Your birthday is on the 6th of March right????)
Thank you for all the good talks we’ve had, thank you for all the amazing art you’ve made for me and others, and thank you for being so nice and cool and an absolute joy to be around!!! :D
I had a blast drawing these two (you know how much I love them) and I hope your day is gonna be a blast too! :3

Both Rina and Villain!Nellie belongs to @slackedvisage / @astrodile

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"Drink Me" with Nellie? [Slackedvisage :>]

They looked familiar.

Anoor sipped their drink, watching the blue monster sitting a few seats down at the bar, glass in hand and eyes wandering out into the room.

Their horns, their build.. They couldn’t quite place them, but they’d seen them before.

The barista huffed at themself, turning their eyes back to their drink, staring into the green liquid. They prided themself in remembering all they met more than once, how could it be they couldn’t place this one monster-

A small glass was placed on the counter in front of them by a big, blue hand. Surprised, Anoor looked up, recoiling a little at the big, wide grin that greeted them. “Couldn’t help but notice ya staring. Care to tell me why?”

Their fur rose in embarrassment, quickly smoothed down by a clawed hand. “You seemed familiar,” their voice was polite, monotone. Gauging this monster beside them. “Couldn’t place you though.”

 Her grin widened, gesturing at the shot. “Why don’t you drink that and tell me more. Might just spark your memory.”

“I..” they began, but hesitated at the display of teeth. Turning it down didn’t seem like a good idea in this situation. “I suppose.”

“Good,” she smiled as Anoor downed the shot, watching them intently the whole time. “So I seem familiar?”

Anoor grimaced, the bitter taste of the shot coating their tongue. “Indeed. I can’t seem to put a name to your face though, Mx..?”

“Nellie.” Her eyes were boring into theirs, arm resting easy on the counter.

“Well Mx. Nellie, I might not be able to remember you right now, but the least I can do is offer you a drink until I do. What do you say?”

They were watching her out the corner of their eye, hoping for a refusal and a way out of this situation.

Instead she laughed, leaning forward with her teeth showing in another big grin.

“You’re on, fluffball.”