gif: nd

S/o to all the mentally ill/nd girls who haven’t been feeling well lately. Whether it be the weather changes, family stress, school, life in general or just everything piling up. Whatever the reason or cause please know you aren’t alone and that I hope you feel better at least in the slightest bit soon.

We need more positivity for mentally ill girls who like girls. As a sapphic with multiple mental illnesses, I can tell you that without access to a loving, accepting community like ours, I wouldn’t have survived for very long out in the world. Even when we are a part of this community, it can be so hard. Mentally ill sapphic writers and artists blame themselves for not being able to create more content to make the world a safer place for us. Mentally ill sapphics in general have a hard time believing anyone could love them, and scroll past posts that tell them they’re going to be okay, they’ll find the right girl someday.

This goes out to all the mentally ill sapphics: We are not worth less than our sisters. We deserve to be happy and feel loved.