gif: nb

For those wondering

Nonbinary parents are called “Rens”.

“I don’t know if I can go to the party, I have to ask my Ren”

“Hey I’d love for you to come and have dinner with my Ren and my Mom.”

“I love my Mommy and Renny!”

Obviously nb people with leanings will be comfy with Mom or Dad but some aren’t and this word is here for u!!! Especially because some of y'all want to be parents!!!

do y'all realize… that you don’t have to look androgynous to be nonbinary ?? did you know that ppl can “pass” as one gender and still be nb ?? because i’m sick and tired of nonbinary ppl being expected to have a great fashion sense and look androgynous all the time… let me wear makeup and do “girly” things but also let me be “manly” and don’t think anything of me other than what i am. nonbinary.