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why would you want to mutilate yourself, a spoken word poem about being non-binary

last year i wrote this, the first and only slam(?) poem ive written to date

and i remembered this was hidden away somewhere in my computer when i was looking for slam poetry about being non-binary and couldnt find any

so i dug this up and decided to do a reading, i must have recorded it 20 times before just sayin fuck it and uploading it stuttering and all

This gif pack includes 51 textless/small/medium gifs of Amandla Stenberg. I’ve done a gif pack of them before so combined there are 80 gifs.  All of these gifs were made by me but you are more than welcome to use them for whatever the heck you want. Repost them, make gif icons out of them, put them in bio graphics.. I really don’t care. Please like or reblog this if you run a rph blog or plan on using it for rp purposes.

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