gif: nayeuns

okay so i just had a random idea and i wanna gauge interest: how many of you would be down for joining (or following) an apink edits/gifs blog? i’ve already got kendall on board but the more graphics makers the better, honestly~

so if you wanna join let me know i guess? we need to think of a cute url and stuff (kendall just saved pinkeupandas though so if all else fails there’s that) and get one set up but…this is all hypothetical for now. if enough people are interested though then it should for sure happen!!

(tagging some people i know that may be interested kay? kay cool)

so my evening consisted of listening to fany snore, watching kendall eat, and being serenaded by miya. also, lisa wrote self insert fics about us and i read them out loud. and now i’m typing them up because they were hilarious and i’ll probably lose the papers in like two days tbh. n___n

group calls have never been so great!!

idk why you would ever wanna read these but go ahead, if you dare…

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