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The different colors used in the film have symbolic meanings. In his life with Elise, Nemo experiences the consequences of depression and despair (blue). Choosing Jeanne, Nemo seeks material well-being and independence: yellowThe true love and passionate relationship between Nemo and Anna is symbolized by red. White contains all colors of the visible spectrum; this supports the allegorical message of the film that all things are possible until a choice is made. 


Mr. Nobody (2009) - Jaco Van Dormael

5 things about this film:

1- It’s a mix between The Butterfly Effect, Artificial Intelligence and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. If these movies had a son, it would be Mr. Nobody.
2- It’s a bit confusing, but that’s okay.
3- Jared Leto. 
4- It’s probably the cutest film ever. 
5- It’s sad, even if you don’t understand anything. 

Jared Leto.

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