gif: movie poster

I did this as a traditional colour pencil piece half a year ago and I said I’d do a digital version. Well, here it is six months later…

This was all done and posted on an iPad so excuse the saturation.

I really want to have it as an animated movie exactly this style. I’m also personally proud of the tagline. Why didn’t Bethesda use it? Can I trademark it?

“Back when we met he’d gone by Rex Glass, and within two days he’d stolen a lot of junk from me. A key, a mask, a kiss, and… Eh, forget it. Not this time. I wasn’t gonna fall for it this time.”

yet another noir mockup for @thepenumbrapodcast - ignore the misspelling, im very tired

chris pine and chris evans in a movie about two rival mob bosses who show up for a clandestine meeting only to find a bassinet complete with baby and cryptic note in an otherwise empty room. for obvious reasons they can’t call the cops, for not so obvious reasons they decide to tackle the job of raising her themselves.

will a decade old rivalry finally come to a standstill because of a simple custody agreement?

will they be able to balance their lives of crime with the late night feedings and dirty diapers??

and will they finally be able to see that maybe the fickle line between love and hate isn’t as thick as they once thought it was????