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could we see a MonStar x Janna AU?

Omg this was so much fun! I loved MonStar! I made her in her mewberty form! That’s my headcannon for MonStar! Because the design for mewberty Star is so cool! I love it so much! I hope you enjoy the story! It put me in a Janstar mood!

Janna grinned when she saw the monster girl flutter her wings around and laugh with the other creatures. Star was so cool! Half-monster and half-Mewman! Janna thought she was super cute. She looked human enough not to seem like a different species, but her wings and six arms were so cool! Janna thought she was the most interesting person ever!

The human girl took a deep breath and ran over to the girl. This time she was going to spring her pick-up line on Star! Janna skidded next to the princess and stopped her. “Excuse me miss Butterfly, you’re under arrest for exceeding recommended hotness.” Janna gave a finger gun. Star jumped.

“You can’t arrest me! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Star cried. “You won’t take me!” She screamed. Janna’s eyes widened and she shook her head.

“No, no, no! I’m not a cop! I’m not actually arresting you I was flirting!” Janna cried. Star stopped and what Janna said finally clicked. Star started laughing and laughing until she fell on the ground, giggling.

“I get it now! That’s funny!” She exclaimed. Star stopped and blushed, making her way to her feet. “Y-you think I’m hot?” She asked.

“I think you’re hot, cute, pretty, all those good things!” Janna grinned. Star blushed and reached behind her to feel her wing.

“I didn’t think humans thought I looked cute… They always look at me like I’m a freak.” Star giggled. “I guess I am a freak.” Janna grinned.

“I’m a freak too!” She smiled. “But… yeah, I think you’re really cute.” She added. Star smiled and her wings flapped, showing she was excited. Her heart eyes and the hearts on her cheeks lit up a bright pink that went well with her purple skin.

“What’s your name? I haven’t seen you around.” Star pointed out.

“I’m Janna!” She introduced way too fast and eagerly. “I uhm… I guess you could say I’ve been watching you from afar for awhile now.” Janna shut up when she realized when she said sounded a little creepy, but was happy hen Star’s reaction was different. He wings fluttered and she beamed.

“That’s so romantic!” She swooned. Janna blushed and rubbed the back of her head, thinking of what to say now.

“So um… I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to the festival this weekend.” Janna asked. “It’s like a celebration, they set it up in the mall parking lot. There are games and rides and food. And I’d love to have the chance to win you something.” Janna offered, giggled. Star lit up.

“They have carnival games?” She asked excitedly. Janna nodded. “Oh I’d love for you to teach me them! I love Earth games!” Star mused; her wings were fluttering fast, making her fly ever so slightly off the ground. Janna grinned and put her hands on her hips proudly.

“Well, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m sort of a master at darts!” Janna boasted. Star grinned and latched onto Janna’s arm.

“Well then I guess I’ll be learning from the best.”


Janna smiled when Star held her hand and they walked through the carnival. Star was holding Janna with one hand, eating funnel cake with two others, holding a balloon with her fourth, and a prize Janna won for her with her fifth. Her sixth arm was pointing out to another game.

“Janna! Look! Darts! You said you were a master, won’t you teach me?” She asked, fluttering her eyelashes very cutely. Janna smiled and brought Star over to the stand. Janna handed the man a dollar and he gave her four darts.

“Okay Star, hold it straight.” She instructed. Star put her things down, not before taking another huge bite of funnel cake, and took the dart. Janna moved behind her and helped her angle her hand. Darts wasn’t this complicated; Janna just wanted an excuse to get close to the cute monster girl.

Star threw the first three, but didn’t get it. She made a face then smiled at Janna. “Watch this.” She giggled. Star threw the dart out, but attached to it was a sticky and gooey, purple, heart web. It stuck to the dart and made it much easier for her to angle, so she landed it right on the bull’s-eye.

“We have a… winner?” The carney seemed confused by this power, but decided not to question it. “Pick any prize you want little lady.” Star thought for a moment and picked the purple butterfly toy and handed it to Janna.

“You already won me a prize, this one is for you.” She smiled. “Do you like it?” Star asked, nervously. Janna held the stuffed butterfly animal like it was a prize worth a million dollars and smiled big.

“I love it! But…” Janna trailed off and Star looked at her curiously. “I like the real thing better.” Janna smirked and stole a kiss from the monster girl. Star’s eyes and hearts lit up again and she stood there, blushing and totally flustered.

Star shook out of her daze and Janna grinned, she picked up the funnel cake and fed Star another piece. “Let’s go ride that crazy roller coaster.” Janna suggested. Star smiled with her cheeks full of cake, nodding excitedly.


Anyone whose been in this fandom should know of monStar, the daughter of Moon and Toffee.
While reading a few comments someone brought up a good point: Is monStar just like Mewni Star?
That got me thinking, if Toffee was Star’s father, aside from the appearance, what else would be different?
With River as her father, Star has shown she loves fighting monsters, acting on impulse, has destructive tendencies and public displays of affection.

So with Toffee as her father, what would she get from him?
What do we know of Toffee that can be incorporated into monStar?
Toffee is a smart and patient man, making plans and knowing when to act and when not to. Confident and knows the importance of knowledge, not going in blind.

But then there are his monster attributes, we’ve seen each monster has their own tendencies; Buff Frog has powerful leaps and strong tongue, chicken guy pecks, bwarks and lays eggs etc
So as a lizard Toffee has the weaknesses of his species, not liking cold etc.
Since monStar has taken on a lizard-like appearance you can guess she has some of the same weaknesses.

So after talking to a few people and thinking about it, I think these are some of the differences monStar has from Mewni Star.

monStar is:
-Easily distracted by food
-More attentive to her magic lessons
-Hugs more people, cause body heat
-likes hot rocks and sitting on them
-more aggressive fighting
-Quick healing
-likes to naw things

-hates the cold
-not as rash in making decisions
-has claws
-Strokes her tail when nervous

These are just my opinions and obviously not set in stone, but I think these differences could make monStar an interesting character all on her own and separate from Mewni Star.

Moon and star

This is a conversation that mon!star had with moon before the family reunion.
One. Two. Three. Four. Oh cousin Victoria skipped this year, what an absolute travesty.
“Star, what are you doing hiding in your room” said queen butterfly, “our family has already started arriving and you were supposed to be greeting them!”
“But they hate me why do I have to nice to a bunch of people who don’t even want me to exist”
“Dear I know it’s hard but-”
“No You don’t! You don’t know what it’s like to be around people who hate you for something you change even change”
“Star please they’re your family and they love you it just that they are stuck in their old way of thinking”
“Of course the butterfly family just loves how the future queen is a monster”
“Star you will face many hardships in your life because of who you are and for that I’m sorry but we don’t face these challenges head on nothing will ever change”
“I know I’m just sick of this”
“Yes well sitting around won’t do anything now get up and make yourself presentable”
“Uhh yeah yeah I’m coming”
lol this bad but I really want write about this au so :^)


My beloved Monstar Colorbar misfits performing their take on Shin Seung Hun’s “Don’t Make Me Cry.”