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[SUMMER CANDY 2017] Kudo Haruka Interview (English Translation)

This being her last summer as not only a high school student, but as a member of Morning Musume., for Kudou Haruka, it’s become something special unlike anything she’s ever experienced so far.

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Cries. _:(´□`」 ∠):_

I looked really weird in the picture; like super “Yay Nico Nico Niiiiiii” really super weird.
So, censoring that mug of mine in order to not give anyone nightmares.

Maybe because I was super hyped to be chosen by Duu during the Q&A. And by now, some or most know how this ends; “I’m shock I’m shock”. Haha. 🙏💦

I did make it up Duu though at the autograph session & she seemed pleased, and also at the concert.

God help me that if this ends up on the dvd that I don’t look or come off as wacky, buuuuut I’m betting I do. I know the cameraman got me a few times as well as Aika’s surprise pop up at the end of the autograph session where I practically had no voice left.🙏💦

Photography credit goes to: Quy Tran Photography.


This is my version of “Jealousy Jealousy” by Morning Musume ‘17
モーニング娘。'17『ジェラシー ジェラシー』

This video has not any commercial purpose and it’s only for entertainment.
All rights are for UP-FRONT PROMOTION.