gif: misha collins

  • Misha Collins: creates a charity that aims to increase acts of kindness in the world
  • Misha Collins: is articulate and vastly intelligent
  • Misha Collins: phenomenal actor capable of a complex, many-layered portrayal of even minor characters
  • Misha Collins: inspires people to better themselves daily
  • Misha Collins: founded a successful worldwide event that creates art, a sense of community, and a drive to break out of the mold of imposed status quo
  • Misha Collins: is kind, thoughtful, and caring
  • Misha Collins: uses his celebrity status to mobilize his fans to do good in the world
  • Some person: you just like Misha because he's hot

Happy 42nd Birthday, Misha Collins ♡ August 20th, 1974
↳Thank you for being unapologetically and uniquely you. You make this world a brighter place, and you remind us each and every day that we are all here for a reason.

I don’t think you’ll ever understand what a remarkable person you are, and how rare it is for someone like you to come along. You often seem like the eye of the storm, calm and unreadable and somewhat bemused in the whirlwind you’ve created. 

But I think that’s why we all try so hard to remind you just how special you are. Because it’s people like that who are often the first to forget. 

Happy Birthday, Misha <3